In Anticipation

Tomorrow is a big day.For two reasons.

Munch’s final term results are going to be out tomorrow.That makes me sweat.I have more butterflies in my stomach.It never felt like this before.And I had no knowledge of these creatures each time my parents went to collect my annual report! And the same is with Munch.She is so confident(busy watching her favourite cartoon as I write).But since this was the first time she sat for proper exams,with a 50 mark paper in each subject,that makes me a wee bit worried.She is only 7 and a half.And some of the papers had 11 or 12 questions besides objectives.She has always done well since she started formal school.And I hope she proves it tomorrow as well.Pray for Munch(and me).

The second reason is after a gap of 4 years,I have started looking out for a job. Being married to an Army personnel who is off on field duty for 3 years,I had been the sole caretaker of my kids.And the only job you could think of when having to move every 3 years is that of a teacher.I had taught for 2 years after Munch started school. But when Perk came,I took another break.Now, with Perk settled in her school,I am thinking of venturing out again.So ,I have an interview lined up tomorrow.More jitters.Will I be good enough after all these years?How will I manage home and school?(ie if i get the job)I am doing this more as a confidence booster than anything else.And the moment I feel ,I am unable to manage,I would have no hesitations in quitting.That is the sort of frame of mind with which I am going to approach the interview.How pessimistic!

I am keeping my fingers crossed.And something inside tells me if Munch come out tops,I will get through too.Because that will show me that if I have been doing something right with Munch,I might still have it in me!Till then..