From the living room..

Its been a terribly busy month. …is an understatement.Munch and Perk had their final exams,year end work in school,parties,parties and more parties,setting up home and finally throwing a house warming party too.

I missed the blog and all of you too.There is so much to share but I’ll start with a peep into my living room.

These new acquisitions have added charm to the living room.

The Sandook

The Sandook

The D-shaped table and the carved mirror are a valued possession.homdtable


shelvesI got these floating shelves made by the carpenter.

The living room is shaping up…and I am taking my time to do it up….what do you think?

Shifting homes yet again…

As I had told you in the last post, we have finally been alloted a permanent accomodation in the station. Hence, was once again very busy shifting homes.But this time it was with a lot of joy as this one is a much bigger house than the previous one. The only negative being it is a first floor home.So, no lawn or garden for sometime.That’s one thing I have to live with now.

I would like to share with you all how I have done up the entrance to this home.

ranchi2 ranchi1  I need to put in a few plants but I couldn’t resist sharing this before that.I got these boxes made and painted them in bright colours.

What do you think?


A fresh look for the season..

Hello everyone

I am back after a long and restful vacation  with just a week to go before the schools reopen again..and before the mundane routine gets the better of me..I quickly got down to a living room makeover to usher in the rainy season.Although rains are a welcome break from the sweltering summer heat,it dampens up the moods when all you can do is sit indoors and enjoy a cup of hot tea with pakoras and the children cry hoarse as they are unable to enjoy their evening bike rides.

So I decided to add lots of colours to the living room to drive away the gloominess outside… …..

delhi 187DSC09601Stocked up the bar…..added a few (bar) dancers…

home 033home 032And did I tell you where I put the owl lamp that I bought in Delhi?Right here..on the bar!!DSC09636

A few things lifted from their original places and arranged somewhere else..

home 041Now I can sit back and relax for a while…and get back in touch with all of you.

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The Brambleberry Cottage


Online Store Review-Kavi

While on my visit to Delhi,I was staying very close to the Pacific Mall where I was fortunate enough to witness a three day flea festival.I was super impressed by the work done by a team of young artists cum entrepreneurs.The name of their endeavour is Kavi- The Poetry-Art project.According to them -“Kavi is an initiative to make poetry come alive in living spaces as visual concepts.”They create visually appealing art pieces like lamps,clocks,piggy banks,book marks,bags and more.The three young minds-Madhuri,Soumya and Amit  manage the show on stage and behind the scenes works their visual art specialist Kalpana Mukerji.The best thing about their products is that they are all handcrafted and upcycled.They also customize their products according to the customers’ demands.The best thing is that they ship their products all over and one can also send their poetry to them and get an artwork  made which befits the poetry.Exciting?I’ll now leave you to drool over the pictures.Just love the lamps  ..

delhi 227faces faces1 faces2buddhafaces5And here is the one I brought home…although I would have loved to bring a lot more.Do you like it?

delhi 228I wish the Kavi team all the best for the future.Cheers to their concept of mixing art and poetry!You can find them on and also order the products online.

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