Eleven years ..ten cities…five separations….two kids.
We’ve been through it all..would love to grow old together in peace now.

Yes, today is our eleventh wedding anniversary…and cherry on cake is Nani and Dadu arriving today.Yay!! And the biggest surprise…WE GOT A BIG HOUSE FINALLY TODAY!Cheers to that …!

The Wild hats

I hope you’ve read my previous posts on the African Safari theme ladies meet that we organised at our mess and which kept me away from this blog for some time.If not you can read about it here and here and here.

We had a wild hat competition to go with the theme where the ladies had to use their creativity and bring along the wildest hat.There was tough competition indeed!Take a look…

DSCN4924 DSCN4921 DSCN4922 DSCN4923Those are real berries…DSCN4929 DSCN4930 DSCN4932Great effort …that,isn’t it?Which one’s your favourite?

Any guesses as to the winner?

Yes…the winner was No……..2 and the runner up was no…3.

The African Safari-Finale

The preparations all done.It was the D-day and we were all set to receive our guests.

This was our reception table where the ladies signed before they entered.DSCN4853Along with that we had placed a map of africa at the reception where ladies would pin up their raffle numbers.

DSCN4848There was our safari guide Sam ready to guide the pretty ladies in…DSCN4859And look who is standing over our prizes for the evening?DSCN4840All these prizes are handmade and arranged on logs.

A view of the table settings…DSCN4844DSCN4843These folders are also handmade…

And as we waited for our guests to arrive,we had time enough for a photoshoot.

DSCN4879That’s us in our animal prints…

DSCN4889And the hosts themselves at the entrance…I love those tusks ..don’t you?

The guests have started trickling in …with their wild hats(more about those in later posts)

DSCN4909And there goes the raffle ticket…

DSCN4918A lot more fun awaits all…more about it in the next one….

The African Safari-props

In the previous post,you’ve seen a glimpse of our preparations for the Ladies Club-The African Safari Theme.The Safari Jeep was an inherent part of our script and so it had to be the best.Let me proudly display the Jeep created by us with carton boxes and chart papers and bamboo frames for support.

DSCN4731Doesn’t it look real?And those are our MC’s the flirtatious African tourist guide and the demure Indian tourist who gets separated from her group.

DSCN4810Next we did need some animals in the Jungle to make it come alive. DSCN4811The cutest crocodile you’ll ever see!

DSCN4803And the family of Giraffes.

DSCN4807This was our rostrum-The Watering Hole.

DSCN4815This is the Bonfire created on the stage.There was a fan underneath which gave the impression of a fire blazing.

DSCN4809 This is where we planned to display our prizes.

DSCN4839We used one of the kiddos blackboard to make this…

DSCN4891And the cherry on top …are these elephant tusks made of…guess what?Thermocol…

I’ll do a post on the Final day in the next post…keep waiting.

The African Safari

The ladies club which we were hosting this month is finally over.Sigh!Those endless practice sessions, the laughters and disasters,the Maggi for dinner routines have finally ended.

Our theme for this Ladies meet was The African Safari.Here is a sneak peek into our practice sessions.DSCN4711

The works

The works

The kids entertaining themselves

The kids entertaining themselves

The Paanipuri sesssions

The Paanipuri sesssions


The Dramebaazi

The Dramebaazi

Being a guest…

I picked up this prompt of Maya’s as I was going through her list today and found it interesting.So what is the first thing I notice on being a guest to someone’s house?

Oh,lots …I would say since I am very fond of doing up my own home…I notice every little detail when I am there at someone’s place for the first time.

1. The Name Plate- There are so many different ways in which people are doing up their name plates these days.So I actually make it a point to notice the same as soon as I enter.I have got a new one made myself recently by a blogger friend.You can see it here and here.

2. The entrance and lawn- The way the entrance or a lawn is done up speaks volumes about the taste of the host.My eyes look out for healthy and green plants at the entrance and other knick knacks.

3. Every home has its own special smell or fragrance;so I do notice how the house smells.

4. I have a penchant for wall decor ideas.So the first things that catch my eye are how the walls have been done up.Some people have beautiful family pictures,others have lovely paintings;some may have unique wall shelves and I love accent walls too in orange,reds and greens.

5. Another thing that I always notice are the curtains and cushions.They are an integral part of a home and have a very important part in deciding how cosy a home looks.

So that’s it.


An emotional overdose.

The Sports Day in school is over.Another major event ticked off the list.The last two days have been eventful and very busy.What with the practices for the upcoming Ladies’ club which we would be hosting next week,the Sports Day practices and Perky’s ill health.

Yes,the evening before her Sports Day,Perk had a bout of vomiting and loose motions along with high fever.I couldn’t take the day off as I was compering the event.So next morning I dressed up a visibly weak looking child and handed her over to the class teacher.I asked her not to participate in the race if she didn’t want to.Perk had continually been winning the race or coming in the second place throughout the heats.It was rather sad for me that she would not be participating in the Final Race.

Anyways,I went about putting my children in order for their events and ultimately headed towards the microphone.The events flew by one by one.Ultimately it was time to announce the race where Perk would have participated.And to my surprise she was right up there in  line with her friends.She hardly had had a bite since the evening before and had thrown up six to seven times.I was all teary eyed when I saw her run at the sound of the whistle.I closed my eyes and said a short prayer .When I opened my eyes once again I saw that her name was among the winners.She had come Third and won the bronze medal.My heart swelled  with pride.I hugged and held her close as soon as I was free.Words failed me and instead tears rolled down my cheeks..Seeing me Perk asked,”Mamma,I know you are not happy because I did not come First.”

“Not at all Darling.I am proud that you went up and ran the race.”

These little moments remain etched in your heart forever and I am currently having an overdose of them.