Say Cheers!!

Sometime ago, I was given the responsibility to do up the decor for a cocktail party!! I instantly had a brainwave of using beer bottles in the decor. I started off by collecting as many beer bottles as I could and thought of doing up every corner differently.

So I used leftover coloured wool to drape some bottles in…and placed them on a stand made of bamboo and the top is made of a thermocol sheet…A single gerbera stick in each and doesn’t it look lovely…?b5b1b13I got a few bottles spray painted in white and red and painted messages on them…a few accessories put together like pine cones and candles….b3b4The bottles have been placed on huge tiles balanced on a log… just added the pink satin and golden net bow to jazz up things…The bottles in front have been cut from the bottom and small tealights placed inside.b6b7The fence in front is made of cartons and white chartpaper…recycling is fun…isn’t it?

Another set of bottles were draped in jute rope and I stuck some artificial flowers  to give it a Hawaiin look…the picture is not as clear as I would have liked but I am putting it up all the same…b12For the center piece I took some help and came up with this bamboo tree and hung the beer bottles with fairy lights inside on the branches..It looked lovely although the picture doesn’t  do much justice…

b9 For the center tables, I used glittered bottles…

b15I got a better picture of these later on…

b16I’ve been missing in action for quit some time now…I hope I’ll be able to make up for it.

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Walls around the house

May you always have walls for the winds,

a roof for the rain,

tea beside the fire,

laughter to cheer you,

those you love near you and all your heart might desire.

Walls speak volumes…and as they say walls have ears …I believe walls have a face and heart too.The walls in your home reflect a lot of emotions….and I love making my walls talk.

So the wall in our living room is a shelf wall.I did not put any painting s here since this way it gives me lots of flexibility.As with your soft furnishings, this kind of wall is changeable…every time you want to add a new theme to your room the wall also changes accordingly.

shelshel3shel2 The next wall which I am still in the process of doing up is the Dining room wall…at present its a few classic quotes put together but I hope to add few other features soon.

dining dine3 The wall opposite this one is one with a mirror and console table and a few floating shelves on which the  knick knacks keep changing as and when ‘yours truly’ desires.mirror mirror2Another corner wall which I really love is a black  chart paper cutout of a little girl framed in glass…done by a friend….girlWaiting for your opinions….on my walls.

Adding colours….

Recently I ordered some planters online and completely forgot about them.Last week when the order arrived I was excited beyond words like a teeny weeny toddler on seeing his birthday gift.The planters had a soothing and refreshing colour tone.My mind started working overtime on where should I place these prized possessions and what should I plant in them.


As soon as I had finalised where I wanted them I had already thought of what I wanted to place in them.And thus began my search…I scoured the markets for what I wanted and TANTARANG…..Here it is..bucketsbuc2bucketsThe pictures really don’t do justice to them.For now I’m in love with these.Waiting to hear from you all.





I am a regular reader and secret admirer of Manasa’s lovely blog For The Love Of Sunshine Corners.She has a gorgeous and cosy home is an understatement. One of my favourite corners of her home is the balcony.It is small but beautiful and the feature which grabs your attention is the mango tree painted on the wall.So with due credits to Manasa for inspiring me to do this on one of my walls….

tree2tree3tree1tree4treeIt took me three hours to do this…Its not as gorgeous as Manasa’s . I hope you like it.

A summery living room

The summers are here with a vengeance and all you can do to beat it is make your surroundings cooler- the ACs  are a blessing, the dessert coolers are also helpful and the smell of khus that is so soothing accompanies them,time to take out the shorts and old worn out t shirts too.Another way to beat the heat are cool summer drinks- the lassis and Rooh Afza, the Aam panaa and mango shakes…..

Not in the mood to give in, I tried to bring in the ambience of the sea shores and beaches into the house with a blue and green decor…greenshellsbgbluesphomepearlssea2seaDoes this look summerish and cool …..?

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From the living room..

Its been a terribly busy month. …is an understatement.Munch and Perk had their final exams,year end work in school,parties,parties and more parties,setting up home and finally throwing a house warming party too.

I missed the blog and all of you too.There is so much to share but I’ll start with a peep into my living room.

These new acquisitions have added charm to the living room.

The Sandook

The Sandook

The D-shaped table and the carved mirror are a valued possession.homdtable


shelvesI got these floating shelves made by the carpenter.

The living room is shaping up…and I am taking my time to do it up….what do you think?

Shifting homes yet again…

As I had told you in the last post, we have finally been alloted a permanent accomodation in the station. Hence, was once again very busy shifting homes.But this time it was with a lot of joy as this one is a much bigger house than the previous one. The only negative being it is a first floor home.So, no lawn or garden for sometime.That’s one thing I have to live with now.

I would like to share with you all how I have done up the entrance to this home.

ranchi2 ranchi1  I need to put in a few plants but I couldn’t resist sharing this before that.I got these boxes made and painted them in bright colours.

What do you think?


Being a guest…

I picked up this prompt of Maya’s as I was going through her list today and found it interesting.So what is the first thing I notice on being a guest to someone’s house?

Oh,lots …I would say since I am very fond of doing up my own home…I notice every little detail when I am there at someone’s place for the first time.

1. The Name Plate- There are so many different ways in which people are doing up their name plates these days.So I actually make it a point to notice the same as soon as I enter.I have got a new one made myself recently by a blogger friend.You can see it here and here.

2. The entrance and lawn- The way the entrance or a lawn is done up speaks volumes about the taste of the host.My eyes look out for healthy and green plants at the entrance and other knick knacks.

3. Every home has its own special smell or fragrance;so I do notice how the house smells.

4. I have a penchant for wall decor ideas.So the first things that catch my eye are how the walls have been done up.Some people have beautiful family pictures,others have lovely paintings;some may have unique wall shelves and I love accent walls too in orange,reds and greens.

5. Another thing that I always notice are the curtains and cushions.They are an integral part of a home and have a very important part in deciding how cosy a home looks.

So that’s it.


A new year… a new wall

As I have mentioned in earlier posts,we have recently shifted into a temporary and much smaller accomodation.There is not much space to display my collection of knick knacks.So I planned this shelf wall .It provides space to display my collectibles as well as keeps me from opening up all my paintings and the trouble of repacking them lest we have to shift again.So here’s what the wall looks like…with little decorations which I had added for the season.

birth 062birth 063birth 087birth 060birth 058The pictures are not very good as they’ve been taken from my very humble phone.Will post better pictures as soon as I click some.

What do you think?

Setting up home…

As I had mentioned in my earlier post,we have shifted to a new house albeit a small one.Initially it was very depressing for me to pick and choose and carefully unpack only such things as I would need immediately till the time a permanent house is  alloted.My energy levels were low and I refused to open up too many things for fear of having to pack up everything again Surely the excitement of living in a house after three months overpowered the depression and I am now full swing into setting up home.The whole spirit of Christmas and New Year also had a role to play.

So, let me show you how I did up the tiny entrance.Some bamboos and fairy lights.birth 080 birth 081 birth 084What do you think?