Of their first love..

Daddy’s are and will always be the first love for all daughters.So, whether he is a perfect husband or not, my daughters couldn’t have found a more perfect father.He adores them and would do anything for them.He may be called the Modern day dad who has never had any skirmishes about changing nappies,washing bottoms,putting on diapers,dressing them,bathing them,feeding them,playing with them and carrying them whenever we are out and a whole lot of things which normally Fathers would hesitate in doing .In that he has also proved in a way to be a perfect husband.Whenever he has the time,he would rather spend it taking Munch for a swim or Perk for a ride on his bike rather than go out for a game of golf himself.His priority is always his daughters . He more than makes up for the days and months when he is not available for them by his undivided attention when he is on leave at home.He is and will always be their first Hero ,their greatest strength and blessing.Happy Fathers’ day,Baba..

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The Happy Suns Arrive..

I remember chancing upon The Bangalore Snob through a post on Colours Dekor only a fortnight ago.I remember reading most of her posts in one go.I remember falling in love with her Madhubani Art.I remember gushing over her idea of the nameboards.I remember placing an order instantly without waiting to read all the procedures.I remember how prompt she was in her replies and kept me updated through her mails.And just 15 minutes ago,when the courier guy rang the bell and delivered this,I could not control myself and I am doing this post now.The package arrived thus….

aar 008

aar 009aar 010aar 012I had ordered a dawn,dusk and day themed board showing the different phases of the sun.I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.It was a pleasure to come across your blog and having an association with you.I hope we keep in touch always.And yes,my husband loved his advance birthday gift.Just waiting to get it framed as early as possible.I would request all my readers to hop over to visit this terrificly gifted blogger at http://thebangaloresnob.wordpress.com

Two years…

Last week ,I completed two years on WordPress and in blogland!!70 odd posts,20 odd followers (my heartfelt thanks to all of you), a lot of inspiring blogger friends and a space to pour my heart out! This blog has been a support system..a place to share my joys and sorrows,achievements and failures, ups and downs.It is this space where I can ask  Munch and Perk to come back when they grow up.I am sure they will have a lot of sweet memories here …which have been recorded for posterity.
I started out here two years back , have been erratic and  irregular at times but have always managed to make a comeback.I planned to dedicate this blog solely to my daughters but later spread out my wings to include all that defined ME, all that I had in me,everything under the sun that I found interesting enough to write about or share with all of you.

My special thanks to..

Patty at Colours Dekor for her encouraging comments and inspiring blog.

Nayana at CherishDreamLive for her inspiring ideas.

Tanya at KreativeKorner for her sweet comments and common interests(including Rahul Dravid)

Arani at Addthatxtraintheordinary for being a terrific blogger and looking forward to a great friendship with her….and many more that I may have not written about but do admire.

I hope that by this time next year,I’ll have a longer list and many more milestones.

Looking forward to your support and encouragement in future also.

Flight of fantasy

Patty’s wall decal story inspired me to share this story.

When I came to stay in this particular house three years ago,this piece of land in front of it was a dumping ground.Within a month ,I got everything removed ,laid grass,built a bamboo fencing,sowed seeds and transformed it into a space which is the envy of all neighbours.Then I had this blank wall which I always thought of either sending a creeper up on or putting up some frames  but ultimately the idea of creating this flight of birds struck me.And Voila,one fine morning I just drew them with a piece of charcoal and used black paint to fill in.Simple yet eyecatching….My neighbours say it looks lovely.!What do you think?

GArden 050

8th bday 035 The picture above is of Munch’s Birthday party.


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Deep Jalao…Aayee Diwali re..

Its festival time yet again…and this one happens to be my favourite.I love lights,candles,diyas and lots of shopping.Everyone makes that extra effort to clean up the house before Diwali and lots of new things are bought.Except for the loud crackers,the festival of Diwali brings a smile to my face as I think up new ways of decorating the corners of the house,cleaning up long forgotten niches and cooking up festive delicacies.

This is how the house looks like this year..

That’s my daughter’s little home…how do you like it?I wish this diwali lights up your homes as well as hearts.

Wish all of you a happy and prosperous Diwali!

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