The Tea Party

Finally,the Games are over and its time for Alice and her friends to enjoy the Tea Party.The Center Piece was a stack of books with a teapot on top and a playing card with Nine of Hearts (Munch completed nine years).

9th bday 011

The Tea Party

The Tea Party

The Candies with "Eat me" flags

The Candies with “Eat me” flags

The mini water bottles with "Drink me" on them

The mini water bottles with “Drink me” on them

The Cake with a yellow table runner,orange teapot,teacup,caterpillar and mushroom brought the theme alive.

The Cake with a yellow table runner,orange teapot,teacup,caterpillar and mushroom brought the theme alive.

9th bday 078

The Cupcakes{will do a separate post on them}

The Cupcakes{will do a separate post on them}

Yummy Donuts

Yummy Donuts

Ice-cream cone shaped marshmallows

Ice-cream cone shaped marshmallows

Pink and white marshmallows

Pink and white marshmallows





With the spread all laid,we just waited for Alice to cut the cake…

Make a Wish..

Make a Wish..

9th bday 089Happy Birthday, my Princess!

9th bday 090At this point,I must stop to tell you that what you see in the above picture melted my heart.Munch,surrounded by her friends,caught Perk’s hands , made her stand beside her,cut the cake and gave her the first piece.Awww…Was that the moment I had been waiting for?That’s how siblings are…and Munch is the sweetest sister Perk can have.God bless them!(wipes tears).

And the celebrations continue…

9th bday 0959th bday 096Here’s wishing my darling a great year ahead and a long and successful life!

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The Birthday Post-2

This is a continuation of Munch’s Birthday posts.In the first part, I showed you a few glimpses of the decor.

The kids started trickling in one by one and we started off with the games immediately. As the rain threat loomed large,I decided to have all the games one after another.

First up,the children were blindfolded and one by one tried to fix the grin on the Chesire cat.This was fun as the kids cheered each other and had a hearty life seeing each others efforts.

DSCN6596 DSCN6598Next up, we played musical corners with the four corners being the Kings Corner,Queen’s Corner,Jack’s Corner and Ace.After each round of music,one of the corners would be eliminated by a draw of cards.

9th bday 0369th bday 0279th bday 031Cousin K made these …Gorgeous..aren’t they?

The next game was a memory game where I showed the kids a whole lot of random things arranged on a tray and they had 30 seconds to write down all they could remember.

Looking carefully

Looking carefully

9th bday 057After this we had an exciting  Tea cup relay race where the kids were divided into two groups and the team which would fill their respective buckets with water first with the help of tea cups would be the winners.There were lots of spills and splashes and laughter and squeals rang in the air.

9th bday 0349th bday 045After this, we played the ever popular game of Musical chairs….

9th bday 062and you can see the excitement on their faces!!

Finally,we had a treasure hunt which was to find the key to the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

9th bday 065And they found it…

So, now Alice and her friends were ready to go to the Tea Party…

This happens to be my 100th post as well!! Another Milestone!

The Tea Party..

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Munch’s Birthday Party-1

The much-planned and awaited ninth birthday party of Munch was a great successs!!Most of the things went to plan…the party started on time,there was hundred percent turnout as all of Munch’s friends made it this time and all the kids went home happy.So here I am sharing my very own efforts at organizing this party with you all.

The theme as you might have seen in the earlier posts was Alice in Wonderland.In India, this is not one of the popular themes, so the markets in a small town like mine had nothing to offer.Keeping this in mind,I took up the challenge and decided to do as much as possible to bring the theme alive..

First up,I designed these Invites…

aar 030Next,I made cutouts of a few characters like the Mad Hatter,Alice,Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee,The Queen of Hearts,her soldiers…(am not an artist at all,hence the results may not be too great)

9th bday 013aar 045aar 039DSCN6583DSCN6586 DSCN6585

I shared this red and black banner with card shapes on it with you before..this is how it looked!9th bday 012I painted some bamboo baskets red and put white paper dots to make them look like mushrooms..

9th bday 015The balloons were blown into oversized flowers and mushrooms..DSCN6566

9th bday 020 DSCN6563 9th bday 0199th bday 023DSCN6577So, we were all set for Alice and her friends…

To be Continued…

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Art in the air..

Remember I introduced you to my talented cousin K before?The one who had done the shell art.If not,then please visit here.

Today I’ve brought another of her unusual arts before you.Whoever thought of painting the blades of their ceiling fans so amazingly! I was bowled over by this.

fan2Again the same deft strokes and bold colours and the clarity and detailing stand out.The surfaces she chooses for her art work surprises me!

And now for some Artisitic Air in the room..

fan2Are you awed and inspired?

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More the Merrier

The Banner!

Ticking off one more to-do off my list…I am ready with a banner for Munch’s birthday!Yayyy!

In keeping with the Wonderland theme,I based the banner on the colours in a pack of cards ie Red and Black.I have used velvet paper in the aforementioned colours.The base is red and the letters of the name have been cut out of black paper .I’ve added a border by cutting thin strips of black and pasting them from behind.Looks simple but it took a lot of time cutting thin strips and then pasting them on.And then I added a few Spades and Clubs.

aar 027aar 026 aar 028 aar 029Munch loved it.Do you like it?

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Guess the theme!

Finally it is the BIrthday Week.

I am in the thick of preparations – shopping,coordinating,inviting,double checking…Am I growing paranoid?You bet ,I am.That is what happens when you are the only parent around for your kids.You just want to be perfect and give your children the best.I put in special efforts to make each of their birthdays special so that they have special memories of their childhood.Yes…one might think I sometimes overdo it and exhaust myself in the process.But that is how I am.In the midst of planning games for the kids,I thought I will let you play a guessing game of what the theme this year is.I know it will be easy for all of you talented mothers out there to guess.Anyways,I’ll still let you do it and show you my efforts in the process.

The First Clue..

aar 039The second clue

aar 045The Third clue..

aar 047The fourth and final clue..although I know you must have guessed by now..otherwise this surely is a giveawayaar 042 And here are the girls all excited…

aar 051That’s all I need..the smiles on their faces and of their friends who come over.Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain otherwise…I have not thought of a plan B in my excitement.Please,please pray it doesn’t rain on Friday!!


Its the time to…PARTY!

With a week to go before Munch’s 9th birthday,I have been keeping busy scouring web pages and blogs for an ideal theme for  girls stepping into the double digits.The girls have had their quota of princess’ themes with every other party having the birthday girl dress-up as a princess with a tiara and wand et all.It was becoming too monotonous.The only other theme going around for girls’ parties was one of their favourite cartoon characters or games- Doraemon (which I have also given in to despite my protests),Chota Bheem, Angry birds(every other friends’ party has one or the other of these themes). I do not blame the parents either.There is not much stuff available in a small town like ours to take up complex themes as there are hardly any shops in the city which deal exclusively with Birthday supplies.Nothing much is available on Indian party supplies websites either apart from the above mentioned themes.

So after much thought and days of browsing ,I have finally zeroed in on a theme which I would share with you gradually.But for the time being ,for mothers like me who are obssessed about having a party for their kids at home with a penchant for personal touches, despite all  odds,here are few tips for planning a birthday party for your precious one-

1. The Guest list- This is of utmost importance.Who do you want to invite?Whether it would just be a kids party or a family party?How many kids would you like to invite so that there is enough room for them to run around and enjoy themselves?I generally call Munch’s friends for her party as she is now a big girl and friends hold an important place in her life.As for Perk , I call family since she is not old enough to have too many friends and parents of that age group are apprehensive about sending the little ones to parties and you yourself are under tremendous pressure of looking after the really young 2-3 year olds all the time.

2. The Theme-Once you have decided on who will be coming,you come to the difficult part of choosing a theme.For Perk’s birthday, I keep the themes simple like a colour theme or a fancy dress.For Munch’s birthday I have started experimenting after she turned 5.

3. The Invites- After finalising the guest list,you can either design,make or buy the requisite number of invites.I prefer making mine but if its a large group,then it would be advisable to buy the same.Distribute them a week ahead.

4. Order the cake- Ordering the perfect cake also takes time.I generally checkout different bakeries each time depending on the design and flavours that suit my theme the most.I don’t take the trouble of baking one myself after having to do all the running around by myself.One of the things ticked off the list.

5. Plan the Games- Parties for kids should be full of games.Keep the kids involved at all times.Plan different games for different age groups.A traditional game of musical chairs and Passing the parcel are always enjoyable.You could also have games related to your theme as well.Lots of kids party games ideas are available online.Arrange for music suitable for the kids in advance.

6. Make a checklist and shop for the decorations,balloons,disposables,party favors,wrapping sheets ,lots of small gift items to give away as prizes for games.Kids love even the smallest things wrapped in shiny paper.Believe me!

7. Plan the Menu- This is the most important part which requires lot of thought.Eleven Birthday parties later(8 for Munch and 3 for  Perk),I can tell you the sad part is despite your best efforts,kids waste a lot of food.So when planning the menu,you should keep a balance between healthy and savoury.Don’t have too many items.Concentrate on making the food look beautiful,hence tempting.Arrange for finger foods which the younger children can easily serve themselves.Small portions and sizes are also advisable to avoid wastage.

8. Party Favors- Shop for age appropriate party favours which would light up the faces of the children instantly.The  answer might lie in the birthday child’s current obssession or craze.As I told you earlier,kids are easier to please than adults.Anything wrapped in shiny paper and made with love makes them happy.

9. Children constantly ask for drinks throughout the party.So keep dispensers around for water as well as drinks.I have spent a lot of birthday parties serving water and drinks.Keep the dispensers outdoors and let the children help themselves.That way even if there is a mess,it doesn’t make a difference.

10` Finally,before the kids start trickling in,relax,take a deep breath and be prepared for the worst.Everything might not work out to plan despite your efforts as kids are most unpredictable.So if things go wrong,don’t fret.They are only kids and they do find a way to enjoy.There might be a lot of hiccups during the party but the kids won’t even notice it because they have no idea what your plan was.Be a part of them.Enjoy!

I hope this helps some of you.Now let me go back to my list….leaving you with pictures of another of Munch’s birthdays…her Fourth to be precise.

It was an Animal-themed party.And the invites were made by yours truly.

It was an Animal-themed party.And the invites were made by yours truly.

DSC00209DSC00250DSC00246DSC00248DSC00257DSC00269DSC00261DSC00267Linking this party to another party at Mommy Monday

She sells,sea-shells…..

Today I would like to share with you the amazing art work of a very ,very talented cousin of mine.Yes,I have a lot of talent running in the family!You can check out another one here.

Her name is Kanchan and she is a student of National Institute of Fashion Technology(NIFT),Hyderabad.She is into accessory designing basically.Apart from that she is a very good dancer and loves photography.With  oodles of ideas bursting out and a lot of great work which I have witnessed with awe and admiration ,this bit of art compelled me to share it with you all….shell8Stunned,aren’t you?She has painted this series of events of The Big Fat Bengali Wedding on shells collected from the beaches on her visit to Goa.And believe me…these shells are really small which is why the freehand painting on them with such clarity left me captivated .Hence,the title…and there is more…

shell4I asked her about the kind of brush and she told me she had trimmed the brush to the size she wanted and lo and behold…a Masterpiece comes alive.I love how the bride and the groom are smiling,the clarity of the “topor”(the headgear which a bengali groom wears for the wedding) and the brides brothers carry the bride in on a stool and she holds a betel leaf to cover her face.All this on a bit of shell!!!

shellshell3This one shows Maa Durga….

And yet another Bengal legend brought alive on a shell…Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore.


Next she ‘s painted her Alma Mater and mine too on this shell…Tanya would know and appreciate how  accurate she is..

shell6shell5shell2It has been a real pleasure sharing this very special story…and guess what I have asked her to help me out with something I want for Munch’s Birthday…but more on that later..

Enjoy the week ahead..

Till Then…



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The Countdown begins..

July is special to me.It is the birth month of my first born.First borns are special to all moms.And Munch has always been such a sweetheart of a child.Quiet,simple,gentle,sweet,affectionate and content by nature ,she wins a lot of hearts.She will turn nine this July.Can you believe it?Looks like it was just yesterday when I held her in my arms and looked at her for the first time.I wanted a girl with all my heart and soul and I have not one but two of them .She is an ideal child.Had I had Perk before Munch I would have been too sapped of energy to think of having a second one. In the initial years,I used to start planning for her birthday months in advance.From hand made invites to self made return gifts,I did it all.I would turn the entire house upside down and keep my husband on his toes until I got that perfect dress for my princess,the exact shade of pink I wanted the balloons to be and the perfect flavour and design for the Cake.That was before Perk zoomed into our lives and caused a flutter ,I found I had less and less time on my hands to do all that I would have liked.Inspite of that I manage to pick up a theme every year and give it my best so that I make it memorable for her.This year too I have some plans in my mind which I would share with you gradually.For the moment I would like to share some pictures from her last birthday.

The garden all decked up

The garden all decked up

Games in progress

Games in progress



And more dancing

And more dancing

The Cake

The Cake

8th bday 078

Scarecrow Trail

A few hours back, I received these bunch of pictures in a mail from my brother who is currently in UK on an official tour.And I just had to share these with you…A scarecrow trail …which I am sure will bring a smile to your face .scare7 scare3 scare4 scare5 scare6 scare scare8Have a fabulous weekend!


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