From my backyard…

A  long time since I shared pictures from my backyard…it has been months of sheer toil and hard work  and patience that have yielded these results….finally….I have for myself and of course, my neighbours  too…

Juicy green cabbages

and 115 Yet to ripen tomatoes aplentyand 119 and 120Aubergines..

and 114My favorite cauliflowers

kumbh 042kumbh 041Last but not the least,first time ever I tried beetroots and waited seemed forever before I got a sizeable one today.

and 116I hope you love these as much as I loved putting it together for you.Wishing you all a Blessed Easter!

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A Colour-full post…

A lot has changed, in recent times,in the way festivals are being celebrated in India.People are socially and environmentally becoming more and more aware.On Diwali,I saw a lot of people calling for a noise-free and no-crackers Diwali.A lot of my FB friends went ahead and did just that.Diwali ,sans the noise and pollution, but with all the festive elements including diyas and lights and lovely decor and mithai.
With Holi round the corner,I find many of my friends taking an initiative and persuading people to play a dry holi this year ,keeping in mind the droughts that have affected many of the states in India.Makes sense!Why waste water when there are other ways of enjoying a festival?So play Holi with gulaal(dry colours) and flowers.Have lots of gujiyas.Visit your friends and relatives.That’s what festivals are for.Enjoying,merry making,laughing and spending time with family and friends.Wastage of valuable resources should be avoided at all costs. Future generations would thank us for this thoughtfulness and giving a new meaning to the festivities.Holi is a festival of colours .Lets bring a lot of colour into our lives and our homes,too, this season.
Like I jazzed up my Living room with these amazing cushions from Zansaar.

and 107

Colour-coordinated the book shelf in keeping with the Holi theme.home 011And my kitchen with these colourful storage from Tupperware.

and 110and 109

Though the kids have taken out their squirts from last year,they will be allowed only a  single bucket of water to play with and no more.

And this is how colourful the markets looked loaded with varieties of fancy squirts…

and 113and 112

Have a colourful and happy Holi.And Do Save Water!

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Switch off…

Today the World Wide Fund for Nature(WWF), calls for switching of all the lights and other appliances for 60 minutes from 8:30 to 9:30 pm across the world during Earth Hour!I am gonna do it and would request all my readers to do the same.Not only today,our effort should be to conserve all natural resources and make it a part of our day to day living.We might be able to leave a better world for our children by spreading awareness in whatever way we can.The Earth is home ,not only , to us humans but to many others and we should be careful that our actions do not cause trouble to any other life form.

Little things can make a lot of difference like switching off the lights and fans of the room before leaving it,using energy saving lightings and  buying good quality appliances for our home and kitchen.

I talk to my children everyday on how water and electricity are very precious and think of ways to bring them closer to nature.Slowly but surely,I think they will learn to respect the world they live in.

We do not use polythene at home to dispose off our waste and  I recycle pet bottles into planters and pen holders.

Do not charge your Cell Phones or iPads overnight.

During festivals,use candles and diyas to decorate your house in place of fancy lightings.They add beauty to the entire decor as well as help save energy.

Perhaps, it might be a good idea to plan a  candle-light dinner date with your loved one today!!(Wink)You know what time?8:30pm to9:30 pm IST.

Let us help each other save the earth and heal the world .Its a small price to pay considering you would be contributing your tiny bit towards making the future easy and smooth for the future generations.

So,Switch Off….

The Mom of Angels

Enjoy the official video.

Sibling Lou

After a long gap, I am putting up pictures of my Heartthrobs…The Saintly Munch and The Fiery Perk…who are emerging as two absolutely different individuals with minds and opinions of their own, contrasting likes and dislikes ,yet they bond somewhere..that is what siblings are for. Although we take them for granted,deep down we count on them when in need ,no matter how old we are.

and 101

My Little Einstein

and 081

Going out for a weddingand 083home 014Ready to party again..

Love you both…

Vegetable themed placemats

A few days back,I was teaching my playgroup kids the names of various vegetables.During the course of the month,I made them colour,thumb paint,vegetable print and other activities with several veggies. and 076 and 077

At the end of the month,I thought of turning these pieces of art into something useful.So ,I cut out the pictures which they had either painted or coloured and stuck them on rectangular pieces of handmade paper.and 074 and 073

I later on made a border by dipping  a ladyfinger in some red paint.And some beautiful table-mats were ready. I also got them laminated so that they could now have their tiffins on those mats and at the end of the session take them home.You can take up any other theme you like and do the same.and 099 and 098 and 075Linking this to