Rock On!

Have been really busy with one thing or the other since the time I joined school.And to top it all,had a cold,took some medicine to stop it and ended up with an ear infection which seems to be in no hurry to leave me.

Anyways,the reason for this post being that yesterday there was a Rock On celebration at school.The kids were supposed to come dressed as Rockstars and whoa they surprised us with their getups-tattoos,makeups,studs,guitars,saxophones et all.The mood was upbeat and so was the weather.How else in the midst of a scorching summer would you find a day just perfect for some outdoor action.It drizzled in the morning and later it was cloudy and breezy.
First up are the pictures of my very own rockstar..The dress which Perk is wearing is now six years old and belonged to Munch.I didn’t have the heart to give it away and I was well rewarded.

A look at the other Rockstars..

Truly a rock and roll day for all….looking forward to the next week full of a new bag of surprises.