I am thrilled..

…because Munch has made me proud today.She has performed well beyond my expectations in her final term exams.And to top it up she has been nominated for a prize in Hindi.Like most childrenĀ  studying in English mediums, Munch detested her Hindi lessons.It took a lot of effort to bring her to love the subject and the language.The problems that most bengali kids face with speaking or writing in Hindi is that either they go wrong with the gender or the tense.Like Munch would say,”Mumma,mera basket bara hai”(My basket is bigger) .But slowly and steadily,I managed to drill all the nuances of the language into her tiny head.The next hurdle were the spellings which she handled well enough.Her Hindi teacher gave her a big hug and a bar of chocolate this morning saying”You have surprised me ,darling”.My heart swelled with pride.Here’s to many moreĀ  aheivements in the coming years and success in all you do.

God bless you, Munch