Back to Work…

Yes I know.I’ve not posted in a long..long..time.

There were several reasons.First of them was “Phailin” which struck Orissa but Ranchi too had heavy thunderstorms and rains.All over the place around 200 trees and a number of electric poles fell.As a result there was no electricity for ten days.We were using generators just to keep our phones alive.

Second.. and most daunting reason for not attending to the blog was I was too low and depressed to write anything.Due to some circumstances which came up,it is possible that we will not be getting a house at all in the station or may have to accomodate in a smaller one.With the kids growing up and parents living close by,this was bad news for me.Munch has just joined school mid-term and I cannot go anywhere till the term end.But to live without a house for so long is getting me down…

And finally the third reason for being away and may be the only silver lining was that I have got a job again in Perk’s school which means I am back to doing what I like best and this opportunity gives me some time off from brooding over house issues.

Wish me luck so that next time I am here to share some more good news with you.

Till then…

Time for new beginnings..

The family is now slowly settling down in the new location.We are now in the capital of one of the newer states of India ie Jharkhand.Yes,we  have moved to Ranchi.

The girls have both got admissions into schools of my liking.While Munch’s school is a bit far off and she is now home by only around 4 ,I have put Perk in one which is quite close by.This is the first time Perk would be going to school on her own as till now I have been accompanying her.I also feel the void of not working anymore but I would like to wait for some more time before I decide to pick up a job.The previous school which Perk went to had no uniform ,so this is the first time she put on a uniform to school.And she was so proud of herself.

ranchi 006 And ta..da..right behind her is our first purchase from the city..yes!..a bunk bed  for the sisters..Do you like it?I love the fact that I was able to get something which was not pink  yet girlie.

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Hits and misses!

A looong week..for me..this last one has been.I have been on my toes throughout . So thought I’d sit down and recount how the past week flew by..

Last Sunday,Hubby came home on leave for a month.Hurrah! The children have not left him since.They’ve been clinging on to him with their story books,games and what not.This is what happens when they see each other after a long, long time.So Sunday was spent in general happiness and merry making and lunching out.

On Monday,Munch made us proud when she won the second prize in a talent contest in her school.I think I forgot to mention that she had volunteered to take part in English solo singing competition and was chosen to represent her class.I was proud even at that point and she surprised me by winning the second prize too.the first prize went to a boy who was a class senior to her.She received much appreciation from her teachers and classmates.I had just a week’s time to train her .You wanna know which song she sang…I have a dream by ABBA.Its a classic and one of my favourites so I taught her that one.

On Wednesday,Munch’s school suddenly declared the school closed for the summer vacations as the temperatures were touching 46 degrees here.We were all very relieved but the happiness was short lived as the damage had already been done and Munch suffered a severe bout of heat stroke with high temperature and vomiting.She had to be admitted to the hospital on the first day of her summer hols!Fortunately for me,this time the husband was around and he took charge of things.Munch,Perky and I stayed in the hospital for two and a half days ,after which she was discharged.

hospWe came home on Saturday afternoon,and then it was full on pampering of the two kids….

Come Sunday,it was Mother’s Day.The dotties wished me with cards and my favourite Mango Ice-cream.Yummy!Love them.They make my life complete.I treated them to some homemade Mutton Biryani…with curd and papad.

home 049This my friends was a HIT!A perfect Sunday morning brunch!

I went out of my way and cooked fried rice and chilly chicken for dinner as well…

home 053As  for my school,we made these sweet Mothers’ Day cards for all my class to give to their moms!These are clutch-shaped cards decorated with glittered polka dots and hearts.

home 051


And finally , I received the sweetest message from one of my students saying “Proud to have a teacher and mother like you!”It made my day or rather it made my Week!How was yours?

Happy Motherhood to all mothers …

Lots of love…

My workplace

I love teaching…specially young kids..there is so much to learn and so much to give…fill their young hearts and minds with the right kind of feelings and the right kind of knowledge.And I love decorating my class.So today I am sharing a few pictures of my workplace.Hope you like them.




Happy Earth day!

It was Earth Day on Sunday.Yet another day to make the new generation aware of the gift they have received in the form of our beautiful planet and how to nurture it and save it from coming to an end.As I read somewhere, “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors ,we borrow it from our children”.It is our duty to tell our children how lucky they are and how they can make the Earth more beautiful for themselves.

The School made all possible efforts to make this day special and to let the little minds take back something to think about.The morning assembly started by showing them the globe and telling them the values of planting trees,saving water and electricity and rescuing endangered animals.Then the teachers explained all this to their individual classes through bulletin boards depicting Earth Day.Thereafter all the children were made to plant one sapling each to adopt and take care of.And finally they coloured a “Happy Earth day “cap which they carried home.The school was declared a “No-Plastic” zone and teachers were also asked to reduce wastage of paper in school.

These are the pictures of the board I had created for my kids.

Will post the picture of how the board looks like in school once I remember to carry the camera to school.

That's how the board looks in the class

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Rock On!

Have been really busy with one thing or the other since the time I joined school.And to top it all,had a cold,took some medicine to stop it and ended up with an ear infection which seems to be in no hurry to leave me.

Anyways,the reason for this post being that yesterday there was a Rock On celebration at school.The kids were supposed to come dressed as Rockstars and whoa they surprised us with their getups-tattoos,makeups,studs,guitars,saxophones et all.The mood was upbeat and so was the weather.How else in the midst of a scorching summer would you find a day just perfect for some outdoor action.It drizzled in the morning and later it was cloudy and breezy.
First up are the pictures of my very own rockstar..The dress which Perk is wearing is now six years old and belonged to Munch.I didn’t have the heart to give it away and I was well rewarded.

A look at the other Rockstars..

Truly a rock and roll day for all….looking forward to the next week full of a new bag of surprises.