And we go on a break..

With the kids exams being over and the schools due to open only in the first week of April, we decided to take a short break and come back before the declaration of the results.We decided to make a short trip to the City of Joy…. yes to Kolkata.

I’ve been to Kolkata many times when I was a kid and it has been one of my least favourite metro. Coming from a small town ,I hated the crows…be it on the roads,the trains,the shops,the restaurants…you name it and there were hordes and hordes of people everywhere .Secondly the weather in summers used to be really humid and bad.(I usually went there with my parents during the summer hols).Delhi and Mumbai are also crowded cities but somehow I preferred them to Kolkata.

But this time when I decided to show my kids The City Of Joy..the heart of Bengal and what our culture is all about,this trip to Kolkata had a different meaning altogether.I saw the city with a different perspective this time.My husband and kids were literally going there for the first time and I had so much to tell them and brag about things I knew.They hung on every word I said.They went according to the itinerary  I had prepared for them.They ate at places I recommended ,they bought music I chose and books I recommended.

I would take you through my five days in Kolkata in the subsequent posts.

This is what we did …

…last summer.It feels good to be back after a rather long hiatus.Lots of things to share and lots to catch up on.We spent our summer break with the hubby in Assam.No ,it was quite peaceful out there at that time with none of the drama that has suddenly gripped the state.

It was a nice and carefree break sans planning and itineraries.We could get up when we wanted to and munch about the whole day long.The true essence of summer holidays….The best thing was that we managed to escape the extreme heat of  the North and instead enjoyed the monsoons of the North-East.Although mainly confined indoors,we took out time for a short vacation to the neighbouring state Meghalaya and did a lot of things with Munch and Perk, which we otherwise never get time for,due to our busy schedules.Munch andI  utilized our afternoons in making something or the other while the father and the younger one slept.

These are the coasters we made through paper coiling which Munch had picked up in the summer camp just before leaving.The colourful table mats in the background are also something we created by sponging different coloured paints.

This napkin holder was created out of popsicle sticks.She also painted some grass and flowers on them.

We turned this piece of bamboo into a spoon and fork holder for the dining table.

And here are some bamboo pots which I painted.

And then these pebbles which the kids loved painting..

This is a picture frame made with handmade paper sheets I picked up while shopping for all the paint and stuff.

Mpre  about the fun we had in my next post…till then…enjoy and have a nice day.

Our nature trip

One December weekend ,on our recent trip to Assam, we (the hubby and myself) decided to take the kids to a predominantly bird resort and probably less frequented than the  Kaziranga. We had heard that it was a birders’ paradise.So we set off early at 7 in the morning in our rented car.We were headed towards the Nameri National Park Iwhich is home to more than 300 species of birds and hordes of elephants.

The drive was picturesque and I took in the beauty of the quaint little bamboo houses which had cute hand-made  bamboo fencings with intricate designs.Almost every house had a small temple in the courtyard.The foliage was lush green and numerous water bodies scattered all over.Slowly ,we closed in on the hills and the population grew thinner as we approached Haathi Gate.From here, we took a right turn and reached our destination -The Eco Camp.The camp itself was breathtaking with tall deciduous trees and the sounds of the jungle.There were tents scattered round the camp and also a few quaint little thatched cottages for those who wanted to spend the night.

We ordered lunch and set out for rafting(which is not at all similar to what you experience in Rishikesh) on the river Jia Bhoroli .The river is also famous for Mahaseer fishing.We were taken to the rafting point on a small truck on which our raft was loaded..The site of the crystal  clear waters,the gorgeous mountains and the chill in the air made us forget the bumpy ride we took to get here all morning.The naked beauty of the place is hard to describe and to capture.We travelled for 4 kms on the raft ,taking short breaks to explore the islands or to click some of the birds we saw.But actually unless you have a professional camera,it is impossible to take a shot of them.The kids too loved feeling the water once in a while and got all excited the moment they saw a bird.And we would ask them to shhhh ….as the bird would fly before we took a closer look at it.

After the rafting,we suddenly felt very hungry.We reached the camp to find the lunch which we had ordered before ,all ready to be served.The dining area of the camp was nicely furnished with dark bamboo furniture.The food was yummy and had local flavours .Perk was happy feeding morsels to a cat which had placed itself at her feet.The kids played around in the lush lawns for a while and I spent my time capturing the beauty of the place.The manager told us that every evening a bonfire is lit and the guests sit around it sipping their evening tea.

Though we did not see a lot of birds as we expected,yet the experience left us satisfied.I leave you with some pictures of our trip.

The Haathi gate

Munch and Perk outside the camp

The beautiful river and the jungle beyond.

Perk on the raft being held back by the Hubby.

The hubby admiring the view

Munch and Perk reaching out to feel the water

The thatched roof cottage with Munch in the balcony

Outside the tent