Dress up!

On Friday,Perk’s school sent a notice for all children to be dressed up as trees the following day!Living in a guest room with not too many resources and having all my stuff packed in boxes gave me jitters.I calmed myself and started working on the basic things I would need.I bought some chart paper ,paints(green and brown),coloured paper and hard board and of course,the handy Fevicol.

I first created a sort of top which I could put over her T-shirt and used the paints to make a bark and some branches.I also cut out some green leaves.Then I made the head gear so that only her face could be seen.The chart paper was backed by some light cardboard for this.Some leaves and a few colourful birds later ,my costume was ready.I even taught her to say a few words in keeping with her costume,”Birds are my friends.I am home to many Birds.”I punched a few holes on the side of the shirt and wove ribbons around them so that it stayed in place.

ranchi 009 ranchi 008

A Treasure trove…Dilli Haat

I love visiting Dilli Haat …each time I go to Delhi.If not for anything then just to drool over all the vibrant and colourful stalls displaying the Art,the Culture,the Cuisine and the Craftsmanship of the artisans from all over the country.For me moving from one stall to another is like discovering each state bit by bit.I love the way even I interact with the shopkeepers- talking to one in Bengali when I spot Kanthawork,telling the one from MP that I  have stayed there for some time while bargaining a Maheshwari and conversing in English with the girl from Manipur for the beautiful cane bags and black stone crockery.People who stay in Delhi may argue that Dilli Haat is too expensive since they have access to a lot of fairs throughout the year but for me going from a small town where such events hardly take place,  Dilli Haat  is the hotspot where I can pick up just about anything I had been craving to buy .I find it worth the money spent if you are good at bargaining which my hubby definitely is.So I decide what to buy and leave the haggling over price to him.Shopping is incomplete without that .DSC09478DSC09472DSC09480DSC09471DSC09474DSC094762013-05-20 15.13.04I just love this section although I cannot buy as much as I would like to because of luggage constraints and also considering that I had still some more to shop from Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat and Janpath…the list goes on.

Keep falling in love with all this pottery.

Keep falling in love with all this pottery.

I am a big fan of Madhubani art and dilli haat offers wide choices

I am a big fan of Madhubani art and Dilli haat offers wide choices

I specially love the fact that after so much hard work , you can gorge on delicacies from all over India — Fish roll,mutton roll,prawn curry  at the West Bengal stall,mouth-watering Momos from Sikkim,Daal baati from Bihar,Idlis from Kerala,Biryani from Hyderabad…….the list goes on.Have I tempted you enough?

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My workplace

I love teaching…specially young kids..there is so much to learn and so much to give…fill their young hearts and minds with the right kind of feelings and the right kind of knowledge.And I love decorating my class.So today I am sharing a few pictures of my workplace.Hope you like them.




This is what we did …

…last summer.It feels good to be back after a rather long hiatus.Lots of things to share and lots to catch up on.We spent our summer break with the hubby in Assam.No ,it was quite peaceful out there at that time with none of the drama that has suddenly gripped the state.

It was a nice and carefree break sans planning and itineraries.We could get up when we wanted to and munch about the whole day long.The true essence of summer holidays….The best thing was that we managed to escape the extreme heat of  the North and instead enjoyed the monsoons of the North-East.Although mainly confined indoors,we took out time for a short vacation to the neighbouring state Meghalaya and did a lot of things with Munch and Perk, which we otherwise never get time for,due to our busy schedules.Munch andI  utilized our afternoons in making something or the other while the father and the younger one slept.

These are the coasters we made through paper coiling which Munch had picked up in the summer camp just before leaving.The colourful table mats in the background are also something we created by sponging different coloured paints.

This napkin holder was created out of popsicle sticks.She also painted some grass and flowers on them.

We turned this piece of bamboo into a spoon and fork holder for the dining table.

And here are some bamboo pots which I painted.

And then these pebbles which the kids loved painting..

This is a picture frame made with handmade paper sheets I picked up while shopping for all the paint and stuff.

Mpre  about the fun we had in my next post…till then…enjoy and have a nice day.

School chale hum..

In a previous post,I told you how I fell in love with Perk’s school the moment I saw it.I managed to click some pictures of the place when we were invited to their Art and Craft exhibition.

The school building.I love the pillars with the pencils on them.

The Doll house.

The play-area is lush and green.

Perk's classroom.

Perk looking intently at the things on display.

Makes me  want to go to school all over again!Do you feel the same?