A humbling moment..

As I had mentioned earlier,Hubby had been busy organising a very important event.It was the Investiture ceremony where all brave officers and units who have done well are presented with gallantry awards  and citations.Hubby had been involved in the organisation of this ceremony for months.

Finally today,on the occasion of Army Day,I was witness to one of the most humbling moments of my life as I saw awardees go up on stage and collect their awardsfor exemplary acts of bravery.I saw the pride on the faces of their spouses and children cheering loudly for their fathers.The whole ambience and atmosphere was so humbling that I had tears in my eyes.

Kudos to all those who make our lives easier by putting theirs in danger.We may not remember them except on occasions like the Republic Day but for us ,Army Wives,our husbands are the Heroes of our lives.I think it is the only job where you work selflessly for people whom you do not know and who do not always think that somebody, somewhere is risking their life for their sake.The stories of these bravehearts are enough to melt your heart.So please,my request to all of you would be to spare a thought for those guarding our borders in difficult situations and pray for them.

And the icing on the cake was when Hubby too was awarded and recognised for his part in carrying out the event successfully.A proud moment for me too!I write very little about him because of the nature of his job which requires some amount of secrecy but I had to share this with you all today.



..to be back after a looong break from the blogging world.

There has been so much happening …life has been so busy and managed to keep me away from the blogging world.

Among other things…we have finally been alloted a house in the station…albeit a temporary¬† and a smaller one…till such time as a bigger one falls vacant.We decided to shift into it as living away from the Cantonment would mean more travel for the children,myself and Hubby.

So the process of shifting into a new house and getting every thing in its place took up much of my time.

In the meanwhile, Perk turned Four.As we had yet to settle down,we had to celebrate her birthday in the mess and for the first time, this was an unplanned birthday with last minute efforts.But all in all,the children enjoyed themselves and that was all we asked for.Will be putting up pictures soon.We are also now somewhat settling down in the new place and picture posts would be up soon.

Till then ..wishing you all a very merry Christmas with loads of love,luck and happiness.

Back to Work…

Yes I know.I’ve not posted in a long..long..time.

There were several reasons.First of them was “Phailin” which struck Orissa but Ranchi too had heavy thunderstorms and rains.All over the place around 200 trees and a number of electric poles fell.As a result there was no electricity for ten days.We were using generators just to keep our phones alive.

Second.. and most daunting reason for not attending to the blog was I was too low and depressed to write anything.Due to some circumstances which came up,it is possible that we will not be getting a house at all in the station or may have to accomodate in a smaller one.With the kids growing up and parents living close by,this was bad news for me.Munch has just joined school mid-term and I cannot go anywhere till the term end.But to live without a house for so long is getting me down…

And finally the third reason for being away and may be the only silver lining was that I have got a job again in Perk’s school which means I am back to doing what I like best and this opportunity gives me some time off from brooding over house issues.

Wish me luck so that next time I am here to share some more good news with you.

Till then…