From my backyard…

A  long time since I shared pictures from my backyard…it has been months of sheer toil and hard work  and patience that have yielded these results….finally….I have for myself and of course, my neighbours  too…

Juicy green cabbages

and 115 Yet to ripen tomatoes aplentyand 119 and 120Aubergines..

and 114My favorite cauliflowers

kumbh 042kumbh 041Last but not the least,first time ever I tried beetroots and waited seemed forever before I got a sizeable one today.

and 116I hope you love these as much as I loved putting it together for you.Wishing you all a Blessed Easter!

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My Green Thumb

I love my garden……and the pride and satisfaction each little bloom and each vegetable plucked brings is tremendous .When I feel stressed out and tired,I go and spend some time in the garden and come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.This summer has been specially fruitful as far as the vegetable patch goes.In a previous post I had shared  the pictures of the juicy tomatoes from the kitchen garden.Another success story has been the onions.Planted in November,I uprooted them last week and was amazed at the quality as well as the quantity.

The onion harvest

Then rather surprisingly the bitter gourd grew really fast and yields nearly half a kilo everyday. Have a look!

The ridge gourd and the ladyfinger is also not far behind.

And some nice,healthy brinjals..

And only today I discovered a bottle gourd fruit..

Howz that ? A small step towards saving the Earth and environment.Vegetables in the backyard means healthy food for the family,no transportation costs to buy veggies,no packaging required….. my way of Going Green.