Love is in the air…

What’s with this Valentine thing?Unconsciously your mind works at making everything around you look lovely and romantic…home 008Like these lovely red and white cushions…or this  stunning red and white dahlia blooming just at the right time…

garden 146Or the red roses bedspread adding romance to the bedroom..homeTime to get all cuddly and mushy..with the two gals ,of course!What did you think?Hubby is away on the front guarding the borders,as usual.Here’s wishing you a very Happy Valentines’ day Dear from all three of us…

This one is my favourite love song and it is  dedicated to you..Hubby darling!


My Green Thumb

I cannot tell how and when I fell in love with gardening ..but today it is a passion.It is as much a part of my housekeeping as my living room or my kitchen.I keep adding and removing features and accessories from the garden just like I  change  my  cushion covers or bedsheets.Funny…but once you are into becomes a passion.

A quick peep into my garden and the choicest flowers that I’ve had over the past two years.

garden 111The lovely petunias……I plant these in several pots..first because they come in a variety of colour combinations and second, they last till April.

This is how the garden looks in winters when it is in full bloom.the pots have been kept on a raised platform outside the main garden area .i made this area myself by using broken tiles.

antara 007antara 015The Crysanthemums…

antara 009jan 292jan 221Storm in a broken  tea-cup

holi 114The toad guarding the ice-plant

kumbh 053 Do you like what you see?I have a lot more to share..that is on the other veggie patch.Maybe,next time.Till then enjoy…and a happy Valentines to all.