A summery living room

The summers are here with a vengeance and all you can do to beat it is make your surroundings cooler- the ACs  are a blessing, the dessert coolers are also helpful and the smell of khus that is so soothing accompanies them,time to take out the shorts and old worn out t shirts too.Another way to beat the heat are cool summer drinks- the lassis and Rooh Afza, the Aam panaa and mango shakes…..

Not in the mood to give in, I tried to bring in the ambience of the sea shores and beaches into the house with a blue and green decor…greenshellsbgbluesphomepearlssea2seaDoes this look summerish and cool …..?

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13 thoughts on “A summery living room

  1. Hey Antara… The new look is amazing. You can beat the heat simply by sitting in this room and looking at these soothing colors.

    How did the shifting go? Looks like you have settled in well at the new place. Good for you and the family 🙂 Sorry I had been away from blogland for sometime and that is why these questions are flowing in so late! But now I am back and hopefully, will be regular.

    You enjoy the summers with all those refreshing drinks you me tioned in the post. Aam ka Pannaaaaa…. Yummmm!!!


    • Hi Ta,
      Nice to hear from you after such a long time.I visited your blog a few days ago for updates and saw none so this was a good surprise.Thanks for the lovely comments.And yes,we are more or less settled .I saw your sister’s wedding post.Where was it in Allahabad?When did you shift abroad?

      • Came to US in Dec’13. Went back to India for a couple of months for the wedding in March. It’s been a lot of travel for me and hence no post on Kreative Korner! But now that I am back, you should see me blogging more often and visiting you even more 🙂

        Glad to know that you are all settled. How’s the summer treating you? I am sure the latest decor is keeping the heat at bay! You did a great job!!

        Ah, and the wedding was in Lucknow.

        ** I feel good already connecting with my blogger friends 🙂 **

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