A summery living room

The summers are here with a vengeance and all you can do to beat it is make your surroundings cooler- the ACs  are a blessing, the dessert coolers are also helpful and the smell of khus that is so soothing accompanies them,time to take out the shorts and old worn out t shirts too.Another way to beat the heat are cool summer drinks- the lassis and Rooh Afza, the Aam panaa and mango shakes…..

Not in the mood to give in, I tried to bring in the ambience of the sea shores and beaches into the house with a blue and green decor…greenshellsbgbluesphomepearlssea2seaDoes this look summerish and cool …..?

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Being a guest…

I picked up this prompt of Maya’s as I was going through her list today and found it interesting.So what is the first thing I notice on being a guest to someone’s house?

Oh,lots …I would say since I am very fond of doing up my own home…I notice every little detail when I am there at someone’s place for the first time.

1. The Name Plate- There are so many different ways in which people are doing up their name plates these days.So I actually make it a point to notice the same as soon as I enter.I have got a new one made myself recently by a blogger friend.You can see it here and here.

2. The entrance and lawn- The way the entrance or a lawn is done up speaks volumes about the taste of the host.My eyes look out for healthy and green plants at the entrance and other knick knacks.

3. Every home has its own special smell or fragrance;so I do notice how the house smells.

4. I have a penchant for wall decor ideas.So the first things that catch my eye are how the walls have been done up.Some people have beautiful family pictures,others have lovely paintings;some may have unique wall shelves and I love accent walls too in orange,reds and greens.

5. Another thing that I always notice are the curtains and cushions.They are an integral part of a home and have a very important part in deciding how cosy a home looks.

So that’s it.


My nest on CDL

Hi Friends!

As I am presently holidaying and enjoying the salubrious climes of Assam with my Hubby ,far from the heat and humidity of the North,Nayana at  Cherish Dream Livey made me feel homesick by doing this precious feature on a few corners of my nest on her esteemed blog.A heartfelt thanks to Nayana for the honour.I am sure you all wouldn’t want to miss it.Catch it here http://nayanadonga.blogspot.in/.



Floral Art

Hi Friends,

Still bringing to you stories from my Delhi visit.This one is about my cousin A who is the manager of a prominent B&B in Old Delhi.She is extremely talented.This time I witnessed another unique talent of hers.She does amazing patterns with flowers as a decor in her Hotel which houses guests mostly from foreign countries.They are also truly impressed by her talent and hospitality.She uses easily available flowers like the rose and marigold and creates these in a matter of minutes.I asked her to send me pictures of her work so that I could share it with all of you.Have a look…

301120113282211201131912112011302311020112993011201133026022012351 (1)121120113010411201130005122011331261120113260903201349011032012363Gorgeous work!Isn’t it?

Deep Jalao…Aayee Diwali re..

Its festival time yet again…and this one happens to be my favourite.I love lights,candles,diyas and lots of shopping.Everyone makes that extra effort to clean up the house before Diwali and lots of new things are bought.Except for the loud crackers,the festival of Diwali brings a smile to my face as I think up new ways of decorating the corners of the house,cleaning up long forgotten niches and cooking up festive delicacies.

This is how the house looks like this year..

That’s my daughter’s little home…how do you like it?I wish this diwali lights up your homes as well as hearts.

Wish all of you a happy and prosperous Diwali!

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