My Green Thumb

I cannot tell how and when I fell in love with gardening ..but today it is a passion.It is as much a part of my housekeeping as my living room or my kitchen.I keep adding and removing features and accessories from the garden just like I  change  my  cushion covers or bedsheets.Funny…but once you are into becomes a passion.

A quick peep into my garden and the choicest flowers that I’ve had over the past two years.

garden 111The lovely petunias……I plant these in several pots..first because they come in a variety of colour combinations and second, they last till April.

This is how the garden looks in winters when it is in full bloom.the pots have been kept on a raised platform outside the main garden area .i made this area myself by using broken tiles.

antara 007antara 015The Crysanthemums…

antara 009jan 292jan 221Storm in a broken  tea-cup

holi 114The toad guarding the ice-plant

kumbh 053 Do you like what you see?I have a lot more to share..that is on the other veggie patch.Maybe,next time.Till then enjoy…and a happy Valentines to all.

If we had no winter,Spring would not be so pleasant..

I love my green patch as much as my babies.So thought of doing this post before the spring comes to an end and the heat takes over.So here are a few glimpses of my very own garden.Treat your eyes…

The Dahlia

So did you like this “flower full” post?Enjoy.. till the spring lasts..