Festive mood continues…

In the last post I had put up few pictures of my festive home during Diwali-the festival of lights.Here’s adding more to the same.Hope you like it.

The center table top

I hope the new year enlightens all our lives forever…and may the festivities continue forever.

Cheers to all..

Deep Jalao…Aayee Diwali re..

Its festival time yet again…and this one happens to be my favourite.I love lights,candles,diyas and lots of shopping.Everyone makes that extra effort to clean up the house before Diwali and lots of new things are bought.Except for the loud crackers,the festival of Diwali brings a smile to my face as I think up new ways of decorating the corners of the house,cleaning up long forgotten niches and cooking up festive delicacies.

This is how the house looks like this year..

That’s my daughter’s little home…how do you like it?I wish this diwali lights up your homes as well as hearts.

Wish all of you a happy and prosperous Diwali!

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