A lazy post

Its almost mid April and the heat is so severe that I simply don’t feel upto the daily chores let alone anything new.Any sort of physical activity saps you of all energy.So here is a lazy post…just like that.

Feel like putting my feet up with a book and some soothing nimbu paani…

workSpending time in the kitchen is equivalent to working out in the gym…


Cleaning up after the kids looks like an uphill task,so…..


likeSo  when it comes to my kids,I am always hands-on…sorry no compromises there..I love them too much.

kidsDo you feel the same too?

Looking forward to some respite from the heat and laziness in the coming days.

Till then,Cya.

Long summer afternoons…

In a moment,spring is gone and you are confronted with long and sultry summer days with ever rising temperatures outside ,AC’s on full blast inside,disappearing coke bottles and empty ice-cream buckets.All SCREAM out-summers are here again!!

The positives of the season are –

1. Heavy winter woollies give way to light cotton clothing which means cleaning the cupboard takes lesser time.

2. The smell of khus when the dessert coolers are on.

3. No restrictions on the kids enjoying ice creams and cool drinks,endless cold coffees,lassis and shakes.

4  The long summer vacations in school.

5. Last but not the least,Summers are special because of “Mangoes.”..slurpp…

The negatives are-

1. The unbearable heat ,the moment you step outside.

2. Kids at home for longer hours= a messy home

3. No flowers in the garden,plants dying in the extreme heat.

4. Lesser choice in the kitchen.Bang your head against the wall thinking what to cook for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

This is what we did this long summer afternoon…

and 153Picked up a tray full of ripe,red tomatoes from the garden.The three of us later counted each one to while away our time.Can you guess how many we had?

and 154Munch playing Jenga..in between reading and a bit of colouring..

and 151And this basket full of toys keeps the kids engaged for quite some time…before they go out to play..

1So,what do you do to while away the long and boring summer afternoons?What interesting things do you do with your kids to keep them busy?

This is what we did …

…last summer.It feels good to be back after a rather long hiatus.Lots of things to share and lots to catch up on.We spent our summer break with the hubby in Assam.No ,it was quite peaceful out there at that time with none of the drama that has suddenly gripped the state.

It was a nice and carefree break sans planning and itineraries.We could get up when we wanted to and munch about the whole day long.The true essence of summer holidays….The best thing was that we managed to escape the extreme heat of  the North and instead enjoyed the monsoons of the North-East.Although mainly confined indoors,we took out time for a short vacation to the neighbouring state Meghalaya and did a lot of things with Munch and Perk, which we otherwise never get time for,due to our busy schedules.Munch andI  utilized our afternoons in making something or the other while the father and the younger one slept.

These are the coasters we made through paper coiling which Munch had picked up in the summer camp just before leaving.The colourful table mats in the background are also something we created by sponging different coloured paints.

This napkin holder was created out of popsicle sticks.She also painted some grass and flowers on them.

We turned this piece of bamboo into a spoon and fork holder for the dining table.

And here are some bamboo pots which I painted.

And then these pebbles which the kids loved painting..

This is a picture frame made with handmade paper sheets I picked up while shopping for all the paint and stuff.

Mpre  about the fun we had in my next post…till then…enjoy and have a nice day.