How I want my girls to grow up?

I ask myself this question a thousand times over.What do I expect from them?  Am I a good mother to my daughters?Yes,I think I am.

I do not follow any rule book on parenting,I haven’t read any till date.My kids are my kids.I raise them the way I want to.Nothing or nobody has the right to dictate or teach me on how to raise my girls.There is no right or wrong way of raising kids.But how you raise your kids in their growing up years definitely decides what kind of person they grow up to be. I want to bring up my daughters to be good human beings first and foremost.I do not understand or appreciate the modern concept of being your child’s best friend.I am happy to be their mother and that’s what I shall be.I am entitled to scold them,tick them off,punish them,even scream and shout when the need arises.That doesn’t mean in any way that I do not love my girls.They are my life but I am there as a mother in their lives for a purpose. And my purpose is to raise grounded and wonderful people.I am there to bring out the best in them.Somewhere down the years,after they cross their teens ,I am sure they would understand that those moments hurt me too.That all those reprimands were not without reason.

Another concept that I strictly disagree with is that if your child is not tech-savvy or cellphone friendly,he or she would not fit into this world.Excuse me!I would rather my daughter reel of names of flowers or trees as she goes with me for a walk.I would rather she sits in a corner holding a book in her hands than play some meaningless games on a Tablet.We didn’t have such gadgets in our growing up years and we did just fine without them,No,my girls do not need to know about Facebook or Twitter.I would rather take them to a zoo or a park rather than while away their childhood walking through malls.I would appreciate if they could just sit down and make a card for their grandparents or write a letter to them instead of sitting in front of the computer.They will have enough of screen time later on in life.Just not now,when I have the privilege of raising them according to myself.

I enjoy every moment I spend with my girls and I hope and pray that they feel the same about me,if not now,then probably when they grow up.The day I realise that my job as a mother is over would be  the day when I would relish being their best friend with whom they can share all their secrets and stuff!

I am thrilled..

…because Munch has made me proud today.She has performed well beyond my expectations in her final term exams.And to top it up she has been nominated for a prize in Hindi.Like most children  studying in English mediums, Munch detested her Hindi lessons.It took a lot of effort to bring her to love the subject and the language.The problems that most bengali kids face with speaking or writing in Hindi is that either they go wrong with the gender or the tense.Like Munch would say,”Mumma,mera basket bara hai”(My basket is bigger) .But slowly and steadily,I managed to drill all the nuances of the language into her tiny head.The next hurdle were the spellings which she handled well enough.Her Hindi teacher gave her a big hug and a bar of chocolate this morning saying”You have surprised me ,darling”.My heart swelled with pride.Here’s to many more  aheivements in the coming years and success in all you do.

God bless you, Munch

Indian Television…not a saas-bahu saga anymore

Indian Television is growing by leaps and bounds.It is moving in the right direction-growing bigger,bolder and  experimental.And I am not talking about the Reality shows lurking around on all possible channels (except the pioneering show, India’s very own Sa Re Ga Ma).

A few years ago, the only shows gaining high TRP’s  were the Saas-bahu sagas.But recently ,quite a few channels have come up with fresh and unusual themes.I watch some of these shows off and on and others quite religiously.

One of these is “Kuch Toh Log Kahenge” on Sony.Based on a popular Pakistani series Dhoop Kinare by Haseena Moin,this one is a romance between a 22 year old medical intern and a middle aged doctor.Being a Mohnish Behl fan, I watched the show regularly until it took another typical hindi filmi turn and the doctor met with an accident.And lo and behold!Mohnish had been replaced in the show by Sharad Kelkar.The Times said the reason being money and wifey troubles.The show would have lost a lot of audience.

Another Sony show which I really followed right from the first episode is “Bade Acche Lagte Hai“.This is another love story but this time between a middle aged,overweight and  arrogant business tycoon and a simple,middle class 30 plus woman.And the catch is that love between them happens slowly and gradually after marriage .And the marriage itself takes place under family pressure.Recently,an entire episode was dedicated to how Ram and Priya ,the lead pair,finally consummate their marriage.(Bold as per television standards).The strong point of this show is the acting of Ram Kapoor and Saakshi Tanwar.The title track has incidentally been rendered melodiously by Shreya Ghoshal.Worth a dekko.

Chal sheh aur maat.,a thriller on Colors is another genre which had so far been untouched by television.Though only a week old,the promos of the show look promising.A young bride is on a honeymoon and wakes up to find another man in place of her husband who claims to be her “pati”.I hope the show is able to keep the audiences interests alive as the opening has been promising.

And last but not the least, is a show I would not miss..ParvarishKuch Khatti Kuch Meethi ,again on Sony. A must -watch for all mothers and fathers.This is about nurturing,parenting and loving your children.As the name suggests,the show takes us through the life of two families with five kids in different age groups and how the parents deal with problems and situations that the kids find themselves in.Although we might think we know a lot about parenting ,every child teaches us something everyday.So does this show.It is an eye opener.The areas it touches are very close to our hearts.Whether to be strict with our kids or let them free?Why a teenaged daughter suddenly demands contact lenses?How a fight between parents affects the kids?How to control a child who loses his temper often and resorts to violence?Why  kids today are lured by high end mobiles,I pads and I pods.?How a younger sibling wants a separate birthday party which for so long had always been clubbed with her sister’s?How the parents deal with these situations and come out of it form the crux of the show.The show has gained popularity in a very short span.The reason :its different and fresh and has nothing to do with a saas or a bahu.

So unless there is some dramatic turnaround in the stories of these shows,they are the beginning of a new era on Indian television.