A lazy post

Its almost mid April and the heat is so severe that I simply don’t feel upto the daily chores let alone anything new.Any sort of physical activity saps you of all energy.So here is a lazy post…just like that.

Feel like putting my feet up with a book and some soothing nimbu paani…

workSpending time in the kitchen is equivalent to working out in the gym…


Cleaning up after the kids looks like an uphill task,so…..


likeSo¬† when it comes to my kids,I am always hands-on…sorry no compromises there..I love them too much.

kidsDo you feel the same too?

Looking forward to some respite from the heat and laziness in the coming days.

Till then,Cya.

Munch and Perk

Its time I gave you an insight into the two little Angels.

Munch is 7 yrs and 8 months old.Perk is 2yrs and 3 months.

Two absolutely contrasting personalities.

Munch is soft,feminine and gentle.

Perk is loud,boyish and stubborn.

Munch loves books,dolls and kitchen sets.

Perk loves balls,phones and golf sticks.

Munch is sweet and attractive.

Perk is cute and gorgeous.

Munch generally never throws tantrums.

Perk is a snob and knows how to get her way.

Munch is careless and loses her things often.

Perk is possessive and rarely loses anything that belongs to her.

Munch is a slow learner. She takes time to grasp things.

Perk picks up everything fast and repeats things at the appropriate places.

Munch loves frilly frocks,salwar suits and lehangas.

Perk despises all the above and prefers T-shirts,jeans and shorts or cotton frocks at the most.

The sun shines a little brighter when they are both around me….I absolutely adore them.