On Colours Dekor…..

I was super thrilled and excited to be featured on my favorite blog –  Colours Dekor.I  feel honored that she thought of sharing my simple ideas on her awesome blog.A heartfelt thanks to Patty.

So hop over and see for yourself..http://coloursdekor.blogspot.in/2013/05/antaras-garden-wall.html

Lots of love

Spring Blossoms

It is that time of the year  again, which is a joy to every gardener….Spring. I feel truly blessed when I walk out every morning and sit with my morning cup of tea on my garden chair and admire the beauty all around me.Believe me…Its a heavenly feeling.I wish Spring would last forever.And it is this joy which I would like to share with all of you.I know you will also agree with me once you see these beauties.The fruits …or rather.. the flowers of my labour.

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Bringing joy..

Had been waiting for this Lilium to bloom since a long time.Woke up this morning and saw it in full bloom.Hope this is my lucky day ,especially for Perk who has her final Mathematics paper today and she dreads it.I wish God be with her today and always.this one is for you,Perk!

and 070Wishing all of you a bright day too!

Door name plate craft for the little ones

Today, I just wanted to share a craft project I did in school with my playgroup kiddies.It was a cute door name plate for their rooms.

I first cut out rectangular pieces of cardboard and covered them with white chart paper.Then  I mixed some  blue and green paints and cut out sponge pieces and gave out one to every child .All they had to do was dip the sponge pieces in paint and paint the rectangular pieces with the sponge.

The result was something like this.

home 019Then,I gave them colouring sheets with pictures of water animals like fishes,sea-horses and star fish to colour which I later cut out and pasted on the name plates.

home 004home 002home 003Thereafter,I wrote their names  using black paint and a paintbrush.Finally, punch holes at the top and string in ribbons.

I gave an underwater theme to the blue ones…you may add sea-shells and sand as well to make it more realistic.

home 016home 017And a garden theme to the green ones by using ice-cream sticks and cutting out the edges to make a fence.Using a sketch pen ,I drew some grass and flowers on the fence.Still thinking of adding butterflies or birds to the latter…

home 025and 003

Aren’t they cute and easy?

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My Green Thumb

I cannot tell how and when I fell in love with gardening ..but today it is a passion.It is as much a part of my housekeeping as my living room or my kitchen.I keep adding and removing features and accessories from the garden just like I  change  my  cushion covers or bedsheets.Funny…but once you are into it..it becomes a passion.

A quick peep into my garden and the choicest flowers that I’ve had over the past two years.

garden 111The lovely petunias……I plant these in several pots..first because they come in a variety of colour combinations and second, they last till April.

This is how the garden looks in winters when it is in full bloom.the pots have been kept on a raised platform outside the main garden area .i made this area myself by using broken tiles.

antara 007antara 015The Crysanthemums…

antara 009jan 292jan 221Storm in a broken  tea-cup

holi 114The toad guarding the ice-plant

kumbh 053 Do you like what you see?I have a lot more to share..that is on the other side..my veggie patch.Maybe,next time.Till then enjoy…and a happy Valentines to all.

Raining Cats and Dogs..

Its been raining incessantly since the last two days…This morning also ,the sky was all cloudy and the rain showed no sign of relenting.I read in the morning newspaper that this kind of rainfall was abnormal in the city at this time of the year.I switched on the computer to put up my FB message and lo and behold…..a loud CRASHhh.The system is right next to my bedroom window and I saw a huge Banyan tree on the other side of the boundary wall come crashing down into my garden breaking all barriers and taking the wall, fence,pots et all..I shrieked in horror expecting the tree to probably break the windows and the walls.IT was that huge.In an instant ,all the neighbours,umbrellas in hand, had gathered to assess the extent of the damage despite the pouring rains.I am yet to realise the actual damage done to my garden but my view of the rains has been blocked by the fallen tree.