Floral Art

Hi Friends,

Still bringing to you stories from my Delhi visit.This one is about my cousin A who is the manager of a prominent B&B in Old Delhi.She is extremely talented.This time I witnessed another unique talent of hers.She does amazing patterns with flowers as a decor in her Hotel which houses guests mostly from foreign countries.They are also truly impressed by her talent and hospitality.She uses easily available flowers like the rose and marigold and creates these in a matter of minutes.I asked her to send me pictures of her work so that I could share it with all of you.Have a look…

301120113282211201131912112011302311020112993011201133026022012351 (1)121120113010411201130005122011331261120113260903201349011032012363Gorgeous work!Isn’t it?

A journey into Purani Dilli

In spite  of my innumerable visits to Delhi,I had never had the chance to walk down the streets of Old Delhi.I had seen them pictures in magazines and watched many a travel and food channels showing the age-old “Parathe-waali galis”.Being the foodies that we are,I coaxed my husband to do this trip with me despite the heat and the humidity This time I was determined We decided not to take our car but the Delhi Metro we got off at Chawri Bazaar metro station just before Chandni Chowk.As it was almost lunch time when we reached there,we decided  we were going to start our journey into puraani dilli by having our lunch at the Karim’s.The place is famous for its Biryanis and kababs and Mutton Qorma and Sheermaal.If you are a true non vegetarian,this is one place in delhi which is not to be missed.Right next to the Jama Masjid,the restaurant is now a chain all over Delhi but who can beat the taste of the original although  the place issaid to be crowded on Fridays, we got a place easily and Yes the restaurant is air conditioned.

Thereafter we took a rickshaw  to Chandni Chowk and straight into the famous Paranthe waali gali.Too full for the parathas, we still had space for some lovely looking Kulfi Faluda. And we bought some laddoos ,karachi halwa,samose and kachoris for later.I tried to imagine Kajol staying in Chandni Chowk in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.The noise,the crowds,the sweat and the rising smoke from the constant frying of parathas filled my nostrils.This was Delhi as it must have been years ago minus the skyscrapers,the innumerable vehicles on roads,the Metros and the Malls.After getting a whole variety of parathas packed for dinner,we took the metro back home as the girls not being used to walking through narrow lanes were getting all restless.Hubby and I winked at each other and with an understanding nod promised to return again without the kids.We knew that this place still had lots to be explored.The magic of puraani Dilli still lingers on with me….

Yes of course,I have some pics for you…

Mom,dad,hubby and Munch at Karim's

Mom,dad,hubby and Munch at Karim’s

Yummy Biryanis in pots
Yummy Biryanis in pots

Rumalis and Naans

Rumalis and Naans

The Jama Masjid

The Jama Masjid

delhi 231

The Goodies

The Goodies

More goodies

More goodies

delhi 230

Kinaari Bazaar

Kinaari Bazaar


The Happy Suns Arrive..

I remember chancing upon The Bangalore Snob through a post on Colours Dekor only a fortnight ago.I remember reading most of her posts in one go.I remember falling in love with her Madhubani Art.I remember gushing over her idea of the nameboards.I remember placing an order instantly without waiting to read all the procedures.I remember how prompt she was in her replies and kept me updated through her mails.And just 15 minutes ago,when the courier guy rang the bell and delivered this,I could not control myself and I am doing this post now.The package arrived thus….

aar 008

aar 009aar 010aar 012I had ordered a dawn,dusk and day themed board showing the different phases of the sun.I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.It was a pleasure to come across your blog and having an association with you.I hope we keep in touch always.And yes,my husband loved his advance birthday gift.Just waiting to get it framed as early as possible.I would request all my readers to hop over to visit this terrificly gifted blogger at http://thebangaloresnob.wordpress.com

Online Store Review-Kavi

While on my visit to Delhi,I was staying very close to the Pacific Mall where I was fortunate enough to witness a three day flea festival.I was super impressed by the work done by a team of young artists cum entrepreneurs.The name of their endeavour is Kavi- The Poetry-Art project.According to them -“Kavi is an initiative to make poetry come alive in living spaces as visual concepts.”They create visually appealing art pieces like lamps,clocks,piggy banks,book marks,bags and more.The three young minds-Madhuri,Soumya and Amit  manage the show on stage and behind the scenes works their visual art specialist Kalpana Mukerji.The best thing about their products is that they are all handcrafted and upcycled.They also customize their products according to the customers’ demands.The best thing is that they ship their products all over and one can also send their poetry to them and get an artwork  made which befits the poetry.Exciting?I’ll now leave you to drool over the pictures.Just love the lamps  ..

delhi 227faces faces1 faces2buddhafaces5And here is the one I brought home…although I would have loved to bring a lot more.Do you like it?

delhi 228I wish the Kavi team all the best for the future.Cheers to their concept of mixing art and poetry!You can find them on http://www.facebook.com/KaviThePoetryArtProject and also order the products online.

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An ancient stepwell- Ugrasen ki Baoli

Hi Friends!

I am back after a short and much needed break from work and home.We were in the National capital for a week and I have a lot of things to share with you all.Needless to say,the whole of North India is reeling under an intense heat wave ,despite the fact I made as much of this short break as I could.I planned visits to various museums and indoor activities for Munch and Perk.And on alternate days the hubby and I went on a well deserved retail therapy.So we came back with a lot more baggage than we had expected but I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.Delhi being one of my favourite cities, where there is always something more to see and soak in which you never had done earlier.And that is exactly what I did.Delhi has both history and modernity and both are well balanced and running parallel to each other.I was all the more happy to do this with Munch who is now old enough to take in a few things and appreciate nature and history.

Today I will share pictures of an ancient stairwell with you – Ugrasen ki Baoli.A stepwell (Baoli) is an underground structure for the storage of water to cater for fluctuations in the availability of water.This stepwell is said to have been built by Raja Ugrasen.The architectural features of this well resemble those of the Tuglaq or Lodi period. Very few people in Delhi know about this gorgeous piece of history. The place has an aura about it and is stunning example of the artistic intelligence of its builders.There is a mosque adjacent to this well too.I loved the way this ancient structure stood and held its own amidst the backdrop of skyscrapers of the modern Delhi.I loved its arches and long flight of steps.There is not much to do here but you must pay a visit if you are passing that way.

delhi 194Munch going down the steps.delhi 195The arches or the side walls.

delhi 197Dad and daughter

delhi 196At the bottom of the well.Lots of bats stuck to the ceiling.

I will be back with more stories of our visit.Till then,take care.

Hits and misses!

A looong week..for me..this last one has been.I have been on my toes throughout . So thought I’d sit down and recount how the past week flew by..

Last Sunday,Hubby came home on leave for a month.Hurrah! The children have not left him since.They’ve been clinging on to him with their story books,games and what not.This is what happens when they see each other after a long, long time.So Sunday was spent in general happiness and merry making and lunching out.

On Monday,Munch made us proud when she won the second prize in a talent contest in her school.I think I forgot to mention that she had volunteered to take part in English solo singing competition and was chosen to represent her class.I was proud even at that point and she surprised me by winning the second prize too.the first prize went to a boy who was a class senior to her.She received much appreciation from her teachers and classmates.I had just a week’s time to train her .You wanna know which song she sang…I have a dream by ABBA.Its a classic and one of my favourites so I taught her that one.

On Wednesday,Munch’s school suddenly declared the school closed for the summer vacations as the temperatures were touching 46 degrees here.We were all very relieved but the happiness was short lived as the damage had already been done and Munch suffered a severe bout of heat stroke with high temperature and vomiting.She had to be admitted to the hospital on the first day of her summer hols!Fortunately for me,this time the husband was around and he took charge of things.Munch,Perky and I stayed in the hospital for two and a half days ,after which she was discharged.

hospWe came home on Saturday afternoon,and then it was full on pampering of the two kids….

Come Sunday,it was Mother’s Day.The dotties wished me with cards and my favourite Mango Ice-cream.Yummy!Love them.They make my life complete.I treated them to some homemade Mutton Biryani…with curd and papad.

home 049This my friends was a HIT!A perfect Sunday morning brunch!

I went out of my way and cooked fried rice and chilly chicken for dinner as well…

home 053As  for my school,we made these sweet Mothers’ Day cards for all my class to give to their moms!These are clutch-shaped cards decorated with glittered polka dots and hearts.

home 051


And finally , I received the sweetest message from one of my students saying “Proud to have a teacher and mother like you!”It made my day or rather it made my Week!How was yours?

Happy Motherhood to all mothers …

Lots of love…

Two years…

Last week ,I completed two years on WordPress and in blogland!!70 odd posts,20 odd followers (my heartfelt thanks to all of you), a lot of inspiring blogger friends and a space to pour my heart out! This blog has been a support system..a place to share my joys and sorrows,achievements and failures, ups and downs.It is this space where I can ask  Munch and Perk to come back when they grow up.I am sure they will have a lot of sweet memories here …which have been recorded for posterity.
I started out here two years back , have been erratic and  irregular at times but have always managed to make a comeback.I planned to dedicate this blog solely to my daughters but later spread out my wings to include all that defined ME, all that I had in me,everything under the sun that I found interesting enough to write about or share with all of you.

My special thanks to..

Patty at Colours Dekor for her encouraging comments and inspiring blog.

Nayana at CherishDreamLive for her inspiring ideas.

Tanya at KreativeKorner for her sweet comments and common interests(including Rahul Dravid)

Arani at Addthatxtraintheordinary for being a terrific blogger and looking forward to a great friendship with her….and many more that I may have not written about but do admire.

I hope that by this time next year,I’ll have a longer list and many more milestones.

Looking forward to your support and encouragement in future also.

Mawlynnong-Asia’s cleanest village Part-2

Continued from Part 1

Ten minutes from the living root bridge,we eventually reached our destination….and lo and behold….saw this imposing signboard which read..

maw11As soon as we entered the village,there was a feeling of calm,peace and tranquility.Only thing you noticed were the sights and sounds of nature.I immediately fell in love with the place.

At the parking,the signboard declared “Welcome to Mawlynnong – God’s own Garden”.And it surely looked like one beautiful Fairyland ,just out of a picture book.Mawlynnong in Khasi,incidentally stands for, a cavity on the Rock.

maw13The village has a Total of 94 households.The villagers make their livelihood out of agriculture and selling broomsticks,and most recently by tourism,which has flourished after the village received the status of the cleanest village in Asia.There is 100% literacy in the village.Though, the villagers have to travel for atleast two hours to get to the nearest market,they have their own school,church and a small grocery shop.The villagers have taken it upon themselves to keep the village absolutely spick and span.There is no litter to be found everywhere.In fact,I saw young girls weeding the grass in front of their homes.There were cone-shaped bamboo dustbins called Thapa in every nook and corner.

maw16maw15What added to the uniqueness of this already unique village was the fact that it was also blessed to have been richly endowed by Nature.The whole place was a riot of colours ,As far as one could see,there were trees,bushes and flowers.All well maintained,not growing wildly.

maw17maw28Although the village might be cut off from modern amenities with our mobile phones showing no signals at all,the residents were following all the modern methods advocated in a modern world to save the Earth.There were compost pits where all the garbage was dumped regularly and rain water harvesting was also being practised.

maw31 It was almost lunch time,but we wanted to see more before we could settle down for lunch.The locals directed us to the Sky view point and the Machaan.When we heard of these,we were not prepared for what we witnessed.

maw18Moving up,passing quaintly built bridges and gurgling water,we came to the Machaan which was an eating joint.

maw32Here we bought tickets worth Rs 10 each to go up this mesmerisingly built bamboo structure.It is the brain child of the locals and according to them ,not a single nail has been used in making this.Surprised?It has been tied up with cane ropes and has the support of five or six huge trees and is nearly 80 feet high.I was still meditating whether to go up the tree house or not when I saw Munch already half way up and had to go on.Perk was safely tucked in Papa’s arms.

Munch climbing up the tree house

Munch climbing up the tree house

maw36maw37I was quite out of breath and scared,so was able to take fewer pictures than would have liked to but the experience was amazing.By the time we reached the highest point we were all panting but excited to reach the top.But once you reach there,the view is just breathtakingly beautiful.It is even more special because one can see Bangladesh clearly in the distance .

On top of the tree house - Bangladesh beyond

On top of the tree house – Bangladesh beyond

This particular adventure further aroused our hunger and we settled down for lunch at one of the many households offering tea and lunch to the visitors,The menu was simple but tasty, rice,dal,chicken curry and a mixed vegetable served by a smiling hostess.She was also kind enough to ake chappatis for a finicky Munch who wouldn’t have rice.The food was clean and fresh.I requested if I could get a peek into the kitchen and was surprised to find that to be absolutely spic and span as well.


Resting a while

Resting a while

After lunch,we were ready to leave as we had a long drive back to Shillong but not before witnessing another natural phenomenon just outside the village.A huge boulder balancing on a smaller rock.

maw26 maw25With this we came to the end of another of our immemorable trips to the North East.The images of this village will remain etched in my mind forever.