Say Cheers!!

Sometime ago, I was given the responsibility to do up the decor for a cocktail party!! I instantly had a brainwave of using beer bottles in the decor. I started off by collecting as many beer bottles as I could and thought of doing up every corner differently.

So I used leftover coloured wool to drape some bottles in…and placed them on a stand made of bamboo and the top is made of a thermocol sheet…A single gerbera stick in each and doesn’t it look lovely…?b5b1b13I got a few bottles spray painted in white and red and painted messages on them…a few accessories put together like pine cones and candles….b3b4The bottles have been placed on huge tiles balanced on a log… just added the pink satin and golden net bow to jazz up things…The bottles in front have been cut from the bottom and small tealights placed inside.b6b7The fence in front is made of cartons and white chartpaper…recycling is fun…isn’t it?

Another set of bottles were draped in jute rope and I stuck some artificial flowers  to give it a Hawaiin look…the picture is not as clear as I would have liked but I am putting it up all the same…b12For the center piece I took some help and came up with this bamboo tree and hung the beer bottles with fairy lights inside on the branches..It looked lovely although the picture doesn’t  do much justice…

b9 For the center tables, I used glittered bottles…

b15I got a better picture of these later on…

b16I’ve been missing in action for quit some time now…I hope I’ll be able to make up for it.

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