A per…fect morning!

After a long time the dotties and me woke up late(if 8’o’ clock can be termed late) since both of them are early risers.Anyways they both looked quite fresh and chirpy.

All three of us headed out towards the garden.We toiled hard  picking up leaves strewn all over by the strong winds blowing last evening.The result: the team work led to the task being over in about half an hour.Pat on the back of the girls.

Next up, they helped me eagerly in cleaning up my shoe rack.Somehow I detest the idea of cleaning up my own cupboards. But with four tiny hands helping me ,the task didn’t look that daunting.Another long pending task achieved.A hug from mamma and both their faces lit up with the pride .

For a change,both of them drank their glass of milk without any fuss and devoured their breakfast of poori and aloo down to the last morsel.Am I still dreaming?

Later they helped me by dusting their own room and insisted on cleaning up the dressing table which is generally a forbidden territory for them.but seeing mamma’s good mood ,they took that chance.For once I agreed.I watched them clean my bottles of perfume and nailpaints with great care.One day,they would have much more stuff than this on their dresser.

Bathed and pampered,Munch sat down with “Cinderella” and Perk with her colours.Why can’t all the days be so blissful?

As I sat down with the morning paper,the first thing that caught my eye was that our not so generous government has announced a 7 % hike in DA.Pinch me..!

I feel blessed today and the day is not even half over.

As my SIL’s Facebook status says today “Keep smiling and one day life will get tired of upsetting you.” I agree.Do you?