I am a regular reader and secret admirer of Manasa’s lovely blog For The Love Of Sunshine Corners.She has a gorgeous and cosy home is an understatement. One of my favourite corners of her home is the balcony.It is small but beautiful and the feature which grabs your attention is the mango tree painted on the wall.So with due credits to Manasa for inspiring me to do this on one of my walls….

tree2tree3tree1tree4treeIt took me three hours to do this…Its not as gorgeous as Manasa’s . I hope you like it.

Flight of fantasy

Patty’s wall decal story inspired me to share this story.

When I came to stay in this particular house three years ago,this piece of land in front of it was a dumping ground.Within a month ,I got everything removed ,laid grass,built a bamboo fencing,sowed seeds and transformed it into a space which is the envy of all neighbours.Then I had this blank wall which I always thought of either sending a creeper up on or putting up some framesĀ  but ultimately the idea of creating this flight of birds struck me.And Voila,one fine morning I just drew them with a piece of charcoal and used black paint to fill in.Simple yet eyecatching….My neighbours say it looks lovely.!What do you think?

GArden 050

8th bday 035 The picture above is of Munch’s Birthday party.


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