Festivities knocking at the door…

As I woke up this morning,this song from my childhood suddenly flooded me,a cheerful rendition by Antara Choudhury that goes,”Aaye re chute aaye,Pujor gondho esheche…pujor gondho esheche..gacche shiuli phooteche ..kalo bhromora juteche..”

Yes,its that time of the year again when the air suddenly smells of poojo,those endless shopping for new dresses,shoes and accessories,the Mahalaya playing on the system on a loop,the rehearsals for dance dramas,the hectic cleaning up of the house before Ma finally comes home.

Copy of DSC02564Ma is coming home to us again…let’s drown ourselves in the spirit of poojo!

A Colour-full post…

A lot has changed, in recent times,in the way festivals are being celebrated in India.People are socially and environmentally becoming more and more aware.On Diwali,I saw a lot of people calling for a noise-free and no-crackers Diwali.A lot of my FB friends went ahead and did just that.Diwali ,sans the noise and pollution, but with all the festive elements including diyas and lights and lovely decor and mithai.
With Holi round the corner,I find many of my friends taking an initiative and persuading people to play a dry holi this year ,keeping in mind the droughts that have affected many of the states in India.Makes sense!Why waste water when there are other ways of enjoying a festival?So play Holi with gulaal(dry colours) and flowers.Have lots of gujiyas.Visit your friends and relatives.That’s what festivals are for.Enjoying,merry making,laughing and spending time with family and friends.Wastage of valuable resources should be avoided at all costs. Future generations would thank us for this thoughtfulness and giving a new meaning to the festivities.Holi is a festival of colours .Lets bring a lot of colour into our lives and our homes,too, this season.
Like I jazzed up my Living room with these amazing cushions from Zansaar.

and 107

Colour-coordinated the book shelf in keeping with the Holi theme.home 011And my kitchen with these colourful storage from Tupperware.

and 110and 109

Though the kids have taken out their squirts from last year,they will be allowed only a  single bucket of water to play with and no more.

And this is how colourful the markets looked loaded with varieties of fancy squirts…

and 113and 112

Have a colourful and happy Holi.And Do Save Water!

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