An ancient stepwell- Ugrasen ki Baoli

Hi Friends!

I am back after a short and much needed break from work and home.We were in the National capital for a week and I have a lot of things to share with you all.Needless to say,the whole of North India is reeling under an intense heat wave ,despite the fact I made as much of this short break as I could.I planned visits to various museums and indoor activities for Munch and Perk.And on alternate days the hubby and I went on a well deserved retail therapy.So we came back with a lot more baggage than we had expected but I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.Delhi being one of my favourite cities, where there is always something more to see and soak in which you never had done earlier.And that is exactly what I did.Delhi has both history and modernity and both are well balanced and running parallel to each other.I was all the more happy to do this with Munch who is now old enough to take in a few things and appreciate nature and history.

Today I will share pictures of an ancient stairwell with you – Ugrasen ki Baoli.A stepwell (Baoli) is an underground structure for the storage of water to cater for fluctuations in the availability of water.This stepwell is said to have been built by Raja Ugrasen.The architectural features of this well resemble those of the Tuglaq or Lodi period. Very few people in Delhi know about this gorgeous piece of history. The place has an aura about it and is stunning example of the artistic intelligence of its builders.There is a mosque adjacent to this well too.I loved the way this ancient structure stood and held its own amidst the backdrop of skyscrapers of the modern Delhi.I loved its arches and long flight of steps.There is not much to do here but you must pay a visit if you are passing that way.

delhi 194Munch going down the steps.delhi 195The arches or the side walls.

delhi 197Dad and daughter

delhi 196At the bottom of the well.Lots of bats stuck to the ceiling.

I will be back with more stories of our visit.Till then,take care.