Vegetable themed placemats

A few days back,I was teaching my playgroup kids the names of various vegetables.During the course of the month,I made them colour,thumb paint,vegetable print and other activities with several veggies. and 076 and 077

At the end of the month,I thought of turning these pieces of art into something useful.So ,I cut out the pictures which they had either painted or coloured and stuck them on rectangular pieces of handmade paper.and 074 and 073

I later on made a border by dippingĀ  a ladyfinger in some red paint.And some beautiful table-mats were ready. I also got them laminated so that they could now have their tiffins on those mats and at the end of the session take them home.You can take up any other theme you like and do the same.and 099 and 098 and 075Linking this to