She sells,sea-shells…..

Today I would like to share with you the amazing art work of a very ,very talented cousin of mine.Yes,I have a lot of talent running in the family!You can check out another one here.

Her name is Kanchan and she is a student of National Institute of Fashion Technology(NIFT),Hyderabad.She is into accessory designing basically.Apart from that she is a very good dancer and loves photography.With  oodles of ideas bursting out and a lot of great work which I have witnessed with awe and admiration ,this bit of art compelled me to share it with you all….shell8Stunned,aren’t you?She has painted this series of events of The Big Fat Bengali Wedding on shells collected from the beaches on her visit to Goa.And believe me…these shells are really small which is why the freehand painting on them with such clarity left me captivated .Hence,the title…and there is more…

shell4I asked her about the kind of brush and she told me she had trimmed the brush to the size she wanted and lo and behold…a Masterpiece comes alive.I love how the bride and the groom are smiling,the clarity of the “topor”(the headgear which a bengali groom wears for the wedding) and the brides brothers carry the bride in on a stool and she holds a betel leaf to cover her face.All this on a bit of shell!!!

shellshell3This one shows Maa Durga….

And yet another Bengal legend brought alive on a shell…Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore.


Next she ‘s painted her Alma Mater and mine too on this shell…Tanya would know and appreciate how  accurate she is..

shell6shell5shell2It has been a real pleasure sharing this very special story…and guess what I have asked her to help me out with something I want for Munch’s Birthday…but more on that later..

Enjoy the week ahead..

Till Then…



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