Raining Cats and Dogs..

Its been raining incessantly since the last two days…This morning also ,the sky was all cloudy and the rain showed no sign of relenting.I read in the morning newspaper that this kind of rainfall was abnormal in the city at this time of the year.I switched on the computer to put up my FB message and lo and behold…..a loud CRASHhh.The system is right next to my bedroom window and I saw a huge Banyan tree on the other side of the boundary wall come crashing down into my garden breaking all barriers and taking the wall, fence,pots et all..I shrieked in horror expecting the tree to probably break the windows and the walls.IT was that huge.In an instant ,all the neighbours,umbrellas in hand, had gathered to assess the extent of the damage despite the pouring rains.I am yet to realise the actual damage done to my garden but my view of the rains has been blocked by the fallen tree.