Hits and misses!

A looong week..for me..this last one has been.I have been on my toes throughout . So thought I’d sit down and recount how the past week flew by..

Last Sunday,Hubby came home on leave for a month.Hurrah! The children have not left him since.They’ve been clinging on to him with their story books,games and what not.This is what happens when they see each other after a long, long time.So Sunday was spent in general happiness and merry making and lunching out.

On Monday,Munch made us proud when she won the second prize in a talent contest in her school.I think I forgot to mention that she had volunteered to take part in English solo singing competition and was chosen to represent her class.I was proud even at that point and she surprised me by winning the second prize too.the first prize went to a boy who was a class senior to her.She received much appreciation from her teachers and classmates.I had just a week’s time to train her .You wanna know which song she sang…I have a dream by ABBA.Its a classic and one of my favourites so I taught her that one.

On Wednesday,Munch’s school suddenly declared the school closed for the summer vacations as the temperatures were touching 46 degrees here.We were all very relieved but the happiness was short lived as the damage had already been done and Munch suffered a severe bout of heat stroke with high temperature and vomiting.She had to be admitted to the hospital on the first day of her summer hols!Fortunately for me,this time the husband was around and he took charge of things.Munch,Perky and I stayed in the hospital for two and a half days ,after which she was discharged.

hospWe came home on Saturday afternoon,and then it was full on pampering of the two kids….

Come Sunday,it was Mother’s Day.The dotties wished me with cards and my favourite Mango Ice-cream.Yummy!Love them.They make my life complete.I treated them to some homemade Mutton Biryani…with curd and papad.

home 049This my friends was a HIT!A perfect Sunday morning brunch!

I went out of my way and cooked fried rice and chilly chicken for dinner as well…

home 053AsĀ  for my school,we made these sweet Mothers’ Day cards for all my class to give to their moms!These are clutch-shaped cards decorated with glittered polka dots and hearts.

home 051


And finally , I received the sweetest message from one of my students saying “Proud to have a teacher and mother like you!”It made my day or rather it made my Week!How was yours?

Happy Motherhood to all mothers …

Lots of love…