Trip to Kaziranga National Park-Part 1

I am planning to do a series of posts on the places we visited in the last year.This is the first in the series.This post has been in lying in the draft stages for quite a long time now and everytime I have been unable to complete it for one or the other reasons.Anyway, the Hubby being posted in the North -eastern part of the country we made this trip to the  Kaziranga National Park with the two girl last December.Kaziranga in Assam is home to the One Horned Indian Rhinoceros and also a variety of other wild lives.

Since we were staying close to Tezpur which is only  an hour and a half’s drive from Nagaon, we decided to make it a day’s trip.Woke up the girls in the wee hours of the morning ,packed chicken sandwiches and some juice for breakfast and set off in the hired Bolero.It was an enjoyable ride where we took in  breathtaking views of the India’s North -east plains,lush tea plantations and  quaint bamboo cottages.We reached the park at around 10 where we immediately took the Jeep safari which we had booked in advance.The girls were all excited as it was their first trip into a Jungle.

DSC05637The Jeep safari took us into the forest on a planned route  through narrow dusty roads.The forest was not a dense one as one would expect the forests to be but a dry,open grassland.The vast area was covered with tall Elephant Grass.

DSC05649DSC05655DSC05656DSC05652The only spottings we made on this safari were antlers and deers.But the kids were all excited the moment they saw any movement and scared the animals away.

Perky looking in

Perky looking in


The first that we spotted and then we spotted many more

The first that we spotted and then we spotted many more

DSC05705Then we reached this viewpoint from where we saw the entire wilderness around us as well as the river Brahmaputra flowing by.

DSC05672That is Hubby darling with the two girls.

We are still on the lookout for the elusive Rhino but nevertheless enjoying the rustic beauty and the sounds and feel of the jungle…

Coming up soon is our rendezvous with Chameli

So stay tuned..

Bye for now..