The Month gone by..

After a break of a few weeks,I am glad to be back again.I missed you all…and would be visiting you soon.

August had really been a hectic month.The last day of July brought with it the news of our posting and with it a whole lot of decisions and planning.The most important of them being whether to shift the children in mid-session.But the very idea of waiting till the session ended ie another six months was rejected by hubby as he did not want the separation to continue any longer.Hence,I plunged myself into sorting,throwing,donating and finally packing things I actually needed.At moments like these, one really feels how much stuff is unnecessarily accquired and never used.

Amidst the chaos and confusion,Munch continued her school and even appeared for her unit tests,my parents stood like pillars taking care of the children while I packed box after box .

Rakshabandhan was celebrated when Munch and perk tied each other time to make one..

rakhiranchi 002The day finally arrived when Munch had to say goodbye to all her friends and move ahead,The way they hugged and kissed made me teary eyed as I never had to leave my school friends until we all left the school together and even beyond that our friendship continued as some of us joined the same college.But my daughters I think will grow into stronger personalities by the end of it all.I am still a very soft person and cling on to relationships and friendships.

ranchi 004ranchi 003I wish all her friends the very best.They were all very dear to me and hope they meet again.

Then the day where the truck was loaded and I squeezed in the last of my potted plants till I was satisfied that I couldn’t fit in any more..we said tearful goodbyes to our neighbours of three years.The most difficult part was bidding adieu to family..most of all Ma and Baba who were my strength and my support throughout this phase.They literally did more than I ever could or would do for my kids.I know we will all settle down into our new lives,the kids have already settled down and are liking the new environment but we have created a void in those old hearts I know…and they will take much longer to accept the fact that their granddaughters are no longer with them.I know they couldn’t have got better love and care and I will forever be greatful for that.