The Dassam Falls,Ranchi

I hope you’ve read about our visit to the elegant Sun temple in Ranchi here.

Our next destination was the famous Dassam Waterfall about 34 kms from Ranchi where the river Kanchi falls from a height of 144 kms.Dassam means ten and the fall is so named because whenever it is seen,ten streams of water can be seen falling.The sound of the water cascading echoes through the entire region.ranchi 042ranchi 041

Falling from a height of 144 kms

Falling from a height of 144 kms

To reach the bottom of the falls one has to walk down 230 steps.As soon as I reached the site of the falls,I was mystified.The naked hills,the clouds descending,the sweet sound of the water falling et all.

ranchi 027ranchi 028ranchi 029ranchi 038Ranchi ,I think ,is lucky to have been thus endowed by nature.I am sure there is lots more to be seen and I promise to keep you updated.