Glad… be back after a looong break from the blogging world.

There has been so much happening …life has been so busy and managed to keep me away from the blogging world.

Among other things…we have finally been alloted a house in the station…albeit a temporary¬† and a smaller one…till such time as a bigger one falls vacant.We decided to shift into it as living away from the Cantonment would mean more travel for the children,myself and Hubby.

So the process of shifting into a new house and getting every thing in its place took up much of my time.

In the meanwhile, Perk turned Four.As we had yet to settle down,we had to celebrate her birthday in the mess and for the first time, this was an unplanned birthday with last minute efforts.But all in all,the children enjoyed themselves and that was all we asked for.Will be putting up pictures soon.We are also now somewhat settling down in the new place and picture posts would be up soon.

Till then ..wishing you all a very merry Christmas with loads of love,luck and happiness.