The African Safari-props

In the previous post,you’ve seen a glimpse of our preparations for the Ladies Club-The African Safari Theme.The Safari Jeep was an inherent part of our script and so it had to be the best.Let me proudly display the Jeep created by us with carton boxes and chart papers and bamboo frames for support.

DSCN4731Doesn’t it look real?And those are our MC’s the flirtatious African tourist guide and the demure Indian tourist who gets separated from her group.

DSCN4810Next we did need some animals in the Jungle to make it come alive. DSCN4811The cutest crocodile you’ll ever see!

DSCN4803And the family of Giraffes.

DSCN4807This was our rostrum-The Watering Hole.

DSCN4815This is the Bonfire created on the stage.There was a fan underneath which gave the impression of a fire blazing.

DSCN4809 This is where we planned to display our prizes.

DSCN4839We used one of the kiddos blackboard to make this…

DSCN4891And the cherry on top …are these elephant tusks made of…guess what?Thermocol…

I’ll do a post on the Final day in the next post…keep waiting.