Kolkata- Day 3

Day 3 began on a lazy note with all of us a little weary after two long days.We got up late and had nothing particular in mind when we set out to hail a cab.The first thing on mind was breakfast. After yesterdays English breakfast, I was looking forward to some bengali Radhaballabi which we found at K.C. Das on Esplanade.Though we had to wait awhile but it was worth it.They serve awesome “roshogullas” too.rosho

With our hunger satiated for the time being , we decided to take the kids to Nicco Park, the first amusement park in Kolkata.Needless to say,the gals had a whale of a time.nicnic7 nic1 nic2 nic4 nic5 nic6After all the fun and frolic,naturally hunger struck us again.The foodies that we are,we headed to another well known Mughlai joint in Park Street—Arsalaan.And the food did live up to the expectations.There is a long queue  even during weekdays and lunch hours.The Mutton Biryani is yum as well as also the Chicken  Stew and Rezala.Must visit for taste as well as easy on the pocket.

Next up was some shopping in New Market-which is the place to shop when in Kolkata.From septipins(safety pins) to shona(gold),you name it and its there.The market itself is a colonial building and the clock tower reminds one of an era bygone.

new1  new2new3newI could spend hours here but the poor kids were tired  so we had a dinner of the famous Kolkata Rolls and headed back .

I have been a bit lazy in posting my Kolkata diaries.Among the many odd reasons for not doing so is that Perk had a bout of chicken pox but more on that later.

Kolkata -Day 2

Day 2 in Kolkata saw us heading to Park Street for an English Breakfast at the legendary tearoom Flury’s.It was founded in 1927 by Mr and Mrs J Flury’s and introduced the city to Swiss and international delicacies.The place was very English and I saw it was completely packed at 9:30 in the morning.The place has an old world charm to it with a sense of timelessness and a relaxed atmosphere.The chandeliers,the waiters,the tea sets all add upto the charm of the place.We ordered creamed corn on toasts,a mutton puff and chicken patties.The mutton puff was out of the world,I can assure you.But all said and done…the price tags here are a bit overshot.kol 038

Our next stop was the Oxford Book Store,the second oldest book store in India, which is every reader’s delight.The girls and I had a great time going through our respective sections while Papa was busy finding his favourite music.The cherry on top- the store was having its annual discounts.There is an endless collection of books and a kids section which is also very well stocked.To add to all this there is a quaint cafe on the first floor where you can sip a cup of ‘cha’ or grab a bite as you sink into any random nooks with a book in your hand.The charm of the place lies in the randomly placed books and well created nooks and corners for reading.kol 043Our next stop was the Indian Museum right there in Park Street.As it was an extremely warm day,we wanted to spend the morning hours indoors.So the museum it was.And we were not disappointed at all.Although some sections were under renovation,Munch enjoyed her visit very much and kept asking questions and reading the informations everywhere.The museum itself is a very magnificent white building and is the oldest museum in India.It was established in 1814 and so it has actually completed 200 years!kol 050kol 049kol 048kol 047kol 061kol 055kol 051

The textile section

The textile section

It was an afternoon well spent and the walking around made us all feel hungry again…but more on that later as I have to rush and get ready for a party…see you on the other side.


Science City, Kolkata

If you are visiting Kolkata with kids, a visit to Science City is a must.It is the largest Science Center in the Indian Subcontinent under the National Council of Science Museums.It is a unique effort to bring everyone to love the laws of Science.Munch and Perk had a great time there too.They thoroughly loved the place and so did we.There is something there for everyone..

sci2 sci1The Evolution Park

It is a theme park covering 7 large walk through dioramas with robotic prehistoric animals and plants.It shows the history of evolution of life.

The entrance to the evolution park

The entrance to the evolution park

sci9The Dynamotion Hall

Here there are various exhibits and props for visitors to experience and use and understand the underlying principles of Science.It is actually learning with fun.sci5 sci6sci4The Space Odyssey

It comprises a Space Theatre which is like a planetarium and we enjoyed the screening of the film Greece. This place also has a 3D vision theatre, a Mirror magic zone and a Time Machine which provides a virtual experience of a space flight.The kids specially had a gala time with the magic mirrors.

dining with yourself

dining with yourself

Papa getting into the act

It was an amazing place to be in and I would recommend it to all those who visit Kolkata with your little ones…this is a must visit .It is a fun day out for the entire family.

Oh!Kolkata – Day 1

As I mentioned in the earlier post,we are back rejuvenated from our short trip to the “City of Joy” —Kolkata.One of the oldest cities of India and capital of the British Raj before they moved to Delhi..the city has a heart and soul unlike other metros.The pavements full of books,the innumerable music shops(some even now selling LPs or records),the intelligible chatter of people going past and the numerous eateries scattered all across the city speaks of the rich heritage and culture of the past.But sadly most of the colonial buildings are now in a sorry state of decay.

We were staying  centrally at a building aptly named “Hooghly View” on the eleventh floor which was ideal as it afforded a view of not only the Hooghly but also the famed Howrah Bridge,Victoria Memorial and Vidyasagar Setu from the bedroom window itself.

The girls were pretty excited on seeing the beautiful white marble building from the window and first thing in the morning wanted to visit it.So off we went in a cab and were at the gates of The Victoria at 9 am dot.The garden surrounding the Victoria were beautifully maintained but dotted with lovebirds hanging around on their way to college or work.We were lucky to be early as the place was comparitively less crowded at this hour than at any other time of the day.We spent half an hour taking in the beauty of the place and clicking pictures before we went inside the museum which opens for visitors at around 9:30 am.The museum has a vast gallery of paintings and one is not allowed to take pictures.One can go upto the second floor.

vic2kol 001kol 005kol 003vic7vic3vic4vic6After going around the museum, we took the eager kids on a baggi ride around Maidan.You have to really bargain with the owners here as they will charge you anything from 500 bucks for a ten minute ride.The hubby who is great at bargaining booked us one for 150 Rs and we were happily up and away.Copy (2) of kol 101

the elated girls

the elated girls

this was an afternoon well spent followed by lunch at Aminia in New Market which serves amazing biryanis and Moghlai food.The evening was spent shopping in New Market and drooling over the stuff on offer.We had a traditional bengali dinner the first night at Bhojohori Manna in Esplanade.The food was better than the ambience.Since I have never resided in Kolkata,I only had reccos on the net to go by.The place was pretty deserted,the staff casual but the prices reasonable and food authentic.

And we go on a break..

With the kids exams being over and the schools due to open only in the first week of April, we decided to take a short break and come back before the declaration of the results.We decided to make a short trip to the City of Joy…. yes to Kolkata.

I’ve been to Kolkata many times when I was a kid and it has been one of my least favourite metro. Coming from a small town ,I hated the crows…be it on the roads,the trains,the shops,the restaurants…you name it and there were hordes and hordes of people everywhere .Secondly the weather in summers used to be really humid and bad.(I usually went there with my parents during the summer hols).Delhi and Mumbai are also crowded cities but somehow I preferred them to Kolkata.

But this time when I decided to show my kids The City Of Joy..the heart of Bengal and what our culture is all about,this trip to Kolkata had a different meaning altogether.I saw the city with a different perspective this time.My husband and kids were literally going there for the first time and I had so much to tell them and brag about things I knew.They hung on every word I said.They went according to the itinerary  I had prepared for them.They ate at places I recommended ,they bought music I chose and books I recommended.

I would take you through my five days in Kolkata in the subsequent posts.

From the living room..

Its been a terribly busy month. …is an understatement.Munch and Perk had their final exams,year end work in school,parties,parties and more parties,setting up home and finally throwing a house warming party too.

I missed the blog and all of you too.There is so much to share but I’ll start with a peep into my living room.

These new acquisitions have added charm to the living room.

The Sandook

The Sandook

The D-shaped table and the carved mirror are a valued possession.homdtable


shelvesI got these floating shelves made by the carpenter.

The living room is shaping up…and I am taking my time to do it up….what do you think?

Shifting homes yet again…

As I had told you in the last post, we have finally been alloted a permanent accomodation in the station. Hence, was once again very busy shifting homes.But this time it was with a lot of joy as this one is a much bigger house than the previous one. The only negative being it is a first floor home.So, no lawn or garden for sometime.That’s one thing I have to live with now.

I would like to share with you all how I have done up the entrance to this home.

ranchi2 ranchi1  I need to put in a few plants but I couldn’t resist sharing this before that.I got these boxes made and painted them in bright colours.

What do you think?


The Wild hats

I hope you’ve read my previous posts on the African Safari theme ladies meet that we organised at our mess and which kept me away from this blog for some time.If not you can read about it here and here and here.

We had a wild hat competition to go with the theme where the ladies had to use their creativity and bring along the wildest hat.There was tough competition indeed!Take a look…

DSCN4924 DSCN4921 DSCN4922 DSCN4923Those are real berries…DSCN4929 DSCN4930 DSCN4932Great effort …that,isn’t it?Which one’s your favourite?

Any guesses as to the winner?

Yes…the winner was No……..2 and the runner up was no…3.

The African Safari-Finale

The preparations all done.It was the D-day and we were all set to receive our guests.

This was our reception table where the ladies signed before they entered.DSCN4853Along with that we had placed a map of africa at the reception where ladies would pin up their raffle numbers.

DSCN4848There was our safari guide Sam ready to guide the pretty ladies in…DSCN4859And look who is standing over our prizes for the evening?DSCN4840All these prizes are handmade and arranged on logs.

A view of the table settings…DSCN4844DSCN4843These folders are also handmade…

And as we waited for our guests to arrive,we had time enough for a photoshoot.

DSCN4879That’s us in our animal prints…

DSCN4889And the hosts themselves at the entrance…I love those tusks ..don’t you?

The guests have started trickling in …with their wild hats(more about those in later posts)

DSCN4909And there goes the raffle ticket…

DSCN4918A lot more fun awaits all…more about it in the next one….