Kolkata- Day 3

Day 3 began on a lazy note with all of us a little weary after two long days.We got up late and had nothing particular in mind when we set out to hail a cab.The first thing on mind was breakfast. After yesterdays English breakfast, I was looking forward to some bengali Radhaballabi which we found at K.C. Das on Esplanade.Though we had to wait awhile but it was worth it.They serve awesome “roshogullas” too.rosho

With our hunger satiated for the time being , we decided to take the kids to Nicco Park, the first amusement park in Kolkata.Needless to say,the gals had a whale of a time.nicnic7 nic1 nic2 nic4 nic5 nic6After all the fun and frolic,naturally hunger struck us again.The foodies that we are,we headed to another well known Mughlai joint in Park Street—Arsalaan.And the food did live up to the expectations.There is a long queue  even during weekdays and lunch hours.The Mutton Biryani is yum as well as also the Chicken  Stew and Rezala.Must visit for taste as well as easy on the pocket.

Next up was some shopping in New Market-which is the place to shop when in Kolkata.From septipins(safety pins) to shona(gold),you name it and its there.The market itself is a colonial building and the clock tower reminds one of an era bygone.

new1  new2new3newI could spend hours here but the poor kids were tired  so we had a dinner of the famous Kolkata Rolls and headed back .

I have been a bit lazy in posting my Kolkata diaries.Among the many odd reasons for not doing so is that Perk had a bout of chicken pox but more on that later.

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