Kolkata -Day 2

Day 2 in Kolkata saw us heading to Park Street for an English Breakfast at the legendary tearoom Flury’s.It was founded in 1927 by Mr and Mrs J Flury’s and introduced the city to Swiss and international delicacies.The place was very English and I saw it was completely packed at 9:30 in the morning.The place has an old world charm to it with a sense of timelessness and a relaxed atmosphere.The chandeliers,the waiters,the tea sets all add upto the charm of the place.We ordered creamed corn on toasts,a mutton puff and chicken patties.The mutton puff was out of the world,I can assure you.But all said and done…the price tags here are a bit overshot.kol 038

Our next stop was the Oxford Book Store,the second oldest book store in India, which is every reader’s delight.The girls and I had a great time going through our respective sections while Papa was busy finding his favourite music.The cherry on top- the store was having its annual discounts.There is an endless collection of books and a kids section which is also very well stocked.To add to all this there is a quaint cafe on the first floor where you can sip a cup of ‘cha’ or grab a bite as you sink into any random nooks with a book in your hand.The charm of the place lies in the randomly placed books and well created nooks and corners for reading.kol 043Our next stop was the Indian Museum right there in Park Street.As it was an extremely warm day,we wanted to spend the morning hours indoors.So the museum it was.And we were not disappointed at all.Although some sections were under renovation,Munch enjoyed her visit very much and kept asking questions and reading the informations everywhere.The museum itself is a very magnificent white building and is the oldest museum in India.It was established in 1814 and so it has actually completed 200 years!kol 050kol 049kol 048kol 047kol 061kol 055kol 051

The textile section

The textile section

It was an afternoon well spent and the walking around made us all feel hungry again…but more on that later as I have to rush and get ready for a party…see you on the other side.


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