Science City, Kolkata

If you are visiting Kolkata with kids, a visit to Science City is a must.It is the largest Science Center in the Indian Subcontinent under the National Council of Science Museums.It is a unique effort to bring everyone to love the laws of Science.Munch and Perk had a great time there too.They thoroughly loved the place and so did we.There is something there for everyone..

sci2 sci1The Evolution Park

It is a theme park covering 7 large walk through dioramas with robotic prehistoric animals and plants.It shows the history of evolution of life.

The entrance to the evolution park

The entrance to the evolution park

sci9The Dynamotion Hall

Here there are various exhibits and props for visitors to experience and use and understand the underlying principles of Science.It is actually learning with fun.sci5 sci6sci4The Space Odyssey

It comprises a Space Theatre which is like a planetarium and we enjoyed the screening of the film Greece. This place also has a 3D vision theatre, a Mirror magic zone and a Time Machine which provides a virtual experience of a space flight.The kids specially had a gala time with the magic mirrors.

dining with yourself

dining with yourself

Papa getting into the act

It was an amazing place to be in and I would recommend it to all those who visit Kolkata with your little ones…this is a must visit .It is a fun day out for the entire family.

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