And we go on a break..

With the kids exams being over and the schools due to open only in the first week of April, we decided to take a short break and come back before the declaration of the results.We decided to make a short trip to the City of Joy…. yes to Kolkata.

I’ve been to Kolkata many times when I was a kid and it has been one of my least favourite metro. Coming from a small town ,I hated the crows…be it on the roads,the trains,the shops,the restaurants…you name it and there were hordes and hordes of people everywhere .Secondly the weather in summers used to be really humid and bad.(I usually went there with my parents during the summer hols).Delhi and Mumbai are also crowded cities but somehow I preferred them to Kolkata.

But this time when I decided to show my kids The City Of Joy..the heart of Bengal and what our culture is all about,this trip to Kolkata had a different meaning altogether.I saw the city with a different perspective this time.My husband and kids were literally going there for the first time and I had so much to tell them and brag about things I knew.They hung on every word I said.They went according to the itinerary  I had prepared for them.They ate at places I recommended ,they bought music I chose and books I recommended.

I would take you through my five days in Kolkata in the subsequent posts.

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