A humbling moment..

As I had mentioned earlier,Hubby had been busy organising a very important event.It was the Investiture ceremony where all brave officers and units who have done well are presented with gallantry awards  and citations.Hubby had been involved in the organisation of this ceremony for months.

Finally today,on the occasion of Army Day,I was witness to one of the most humbling moments of my life as I saw awardees go up on stage and collect their awardsfor exemplary acts of bravery.I saw the pride on the faces of their spouses and children cheering loudly for their fathers.The whole ambience and atmosphere was so humbling that I had tears in my eyes.

Kudos to all those who make our lives easier by putting theirs in danger.We may not remember them except on occasions like the Republic Day but for us ,Army Wives,our husbands are the Heroes of our lives.I think it is the only job where you work selflessly for people whom you do not know and who do not always think that somebody, somewhere is risking their life for their sake.The stories of these bravehearts are enough to melt your heart.So please,my request to all of you would be to spare a thought for those guarding our borders in difficult situations and pray for them.

And the icing on the cake was when Hubby too was awarded and recognised for his part in carrying out the event successfully.A proud moment for me too!I write very little about him because of the nature of his job which requires some amount of secrecy but I had to share this with you all today.


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