Of winters and Melas

The weekend was super busy and the week’s going to be busier with a lot of events coming up…the big event for which the Hubby’s been preparing comes midweek and the day after that is the Annual Sports Day in my school.That’s not all that kept me away from blogging.The weather suddenly changed here.It rained over the weekend and the connectivity was so poor that I was unable to blog over the last two days.I hope to compensate sometime later.

Anyways, one of the major charms of winters are that they are the time for a lot of ‘melas’ or fairs be it handicraft or food fests or cultural fests or all under one roof.I love attending melas.They are full of life and colour- something for everyone.birth 106 That’s exactly where we were this Sunday afternoon and we had a great time.We shopped and feasted on “litti chokha”(the local delicacy),”pyaz kachoris”,”jalebis”,candies,popcorns and lots more.I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

birth 103birth 107 birth 095 birth 096 birth 097 birth 098 birth 100birth 109

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