Moving homes?

I have stayed in nine different stations in my 11 years of married life.Thanks to my Hubby’s job!We’ve never stayed in the same place for more than six months.Such is the nature of his job that we’ve had to go out on short two-three months courses and come back again.I think packing and moving don’t scare me anymore.And I have never taken the help of Movers and Packers.The furniture packing is handled by my husband and his buddy pair mostly.Here are some tips which may come in handy to all who have to shift frequently.

1.Follow the GUTS mantra-Give,Use,Throw and Sell.What you may not find useful may be a treasure for others.So lighten your belongings.It also gives you an opportunity to shop and stay updated with new trends in fashion and lifestyle.

2.Wooden boxes are suitable for glassware and crockery.Wrap the glassware with dampened newspaper.The damp newspaper swells after drying and gives your glassware the much needed cushioning.

3.Use steel trunks or boxes to pack clothing.

4.Prepare and involve the children in the process of packing- especially their own stuff.Talking about the new place prepares them to accept situations more easily.

5.If you are like me who does not want to part with her pots and plants,it is advisable to transfer all your saplings and plants you wish to carry in small plastic bags like they keep in a nursery.Prepare a crate lined with gunny and hay to keep them safe in the long and harsh conditions of the journey.

6.Carry important documents with you.This includes your child’s Transfer Certificate/marksheet/report card,medical papers,gas connection books,cheque books etc.

Once you’ve settled down you may intimate the change in address to all important associates.

I hope that this list is of some help to people like me.It is not as easy as it sounds.Packing and moving requires a lot of planning.But if properly planned,it can definitely be less stressful.