Visiting Tagore Hill

Its been long since I’ve taken you around Ranchi.The reason being we’ve had very little time as Hubby’s busy with some big event coming up in his office.But this Sunday we managed to squeeze in sometime and visited Tagore Hill.This place is named after The Noble laureate Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore.Tagore hill, also known as Morabadi Hill, is a 300 feet altitude hill .The local history reveals that the hill has close relations with the Tagore family; it is assumed that the poet liked this hill due to its serene beauty and the extraordinary calmness and was a place for his literary work.

It was just one of those places where the moment you step into, you feel you are in a different world.The peace,the calm and quiet seep into your mind and body and one feels entirely relaxed.No wonder this place also appealed to Gurudev.The kids also loved the place despite the fact that there was nothing in it for them.But I think they ‘ve also learnt to appreciate beauty when they see it.


tg2Just loved the way this house has an old world charm.tg4The sunset from the huge and sprawling terrace.tg5tg6I just loved those doors and windows.Ethereal and charming.

ranchi1The top of the hill….

tg7A view of the city from atop the hill.

So our Sunday was well spent after a hectic and busy week.

Are there any such places in your city?Where do you like to take your kids on a Sunday?

2 thoughts on “Visiting Tagore Hill

  1. Thanks again 🙂 I never went to Tagore Hill but I could see it from my terrace. After seeing these pictures I feel like I should have visited the place , its so beautiful 🙂
    Have you already been to Ormanjhi zoo? Deer park? Panch ghag? (They are not in the city but worth a visit if you have not been to any of these places :))
    Also Rock Garden has a similar serenity associated with it, though I hear it is super crowded these days. Nakshatravan, machli ghar may be places the kids might like.
    Ha, I am sure you already know all this, but I just thought I should mention, just typing those names brought back so many memories.

    • I’ve heard about all those places but been only to the zoo one Sunday.Planning to cover all the places you’ve mentioned whenever I get time.Keep writing to me and I’ll keep doing those posts which remind you of Ranchi.

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