How I want my girls to grow up?

I ask myself this question a thousand times over.What do I expect from them?  Am I a good mother to my daughters?Yes,I think I am.

I do not follow any rule book on parenting,I haven’t read any till date.My kids are my kids.I raise them the way I want to.Nothing or nobody has the right to dictate or teach me on how to raise my girls.There is no right or wrong way of raising kids.But how you raise your kids in their growing up years definitely decides what kind of person they grow up to be. I want to bring up my daughters to be good human beings first and foremost.I do not understand or appreciate the modern concept of being your child’s best friend.I am happy to be their mother and that’s what I shall be.I am entitled to scold them,tick them off,punish them,even scream and shout when the need arises.That doesn’t mean in any way that I do not love my girls.They are my life but I am there as a mother in their lives for a purpose. And my purpose is to raise grounded and wonderful people.I am there to bring out the best in them.Somewhere down the years,after they cross their teens ,I am sure they would understand that those moments hurt me too.That all those reprimands were not without reason.

Another concept that I strictly disagree with is that if your child is not tech-savvy or cellphone friendly,he or she would not fit into this world.Excuse me!I would rather my daughter reel of names of flowers or trees as she goes with me for a walk.I would rather she sits in a corner holding a book in her hands than play some meaningless games on a Tablet.We didn’t have such gadgets in our growing up years and we did just fine without them,No,my girls do not need to know about Facebook or Twitter.I would rather take them to a zoo or a park rather than while away their childhood walking through malls.I would appreciate if they could just sit down and make a card for their grandparents or write a letter to them instead of sitting in front of the computer.They will have enough of screen time later on in life.Just not now,when I have the privilege of raising them according to myself.

I enjoy every moment I spend with my girls and I hope and pray that they feel the same about me,if not now,then probably when they grow up.The day I realise that my job as a mother is over would be  the day when I would relish being their best friend with whom they can share all their secrets and stuff!

2 thoughts on “How I want my girls to grow up?

  1. I call myself technology phobic, not a big fan of smart phones, video games etc. Totally agree with you “.I would appreciate if they could just sit down and make a card for their grandparents or write a letter to them instead of sitting in front of the computer.”, funny though I am typing this out sitting in front of a computer 🙂

    • Yes Krithya.That’s what I mean.When they grow up they will also have to spend hours in front of the computer screen whether for work or under peer pressure.So as long as I can keep them away…

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