My Bucket List…Post 5

So today’s prompt by Maya is — What constitutes your bucket list?Interesting!

Here goes my tiny bucket list…

1. Two things which are on top of my list are to buy a new refrigerator and a new television both of which have survived almost eleven years of our marriage.Although I love them for being so loyal,yet looking at new models of both flood the markets and signs of wear and tear on the existing ones makes be greedy.

2.Would love to travel to Singapore.

3. Get my hair coloured!I dreaded this for a long time…but I must give it a try,I think.

4.Start morning/evening walks

5. Learn to make different desserts.

6.Buy myself a good cellphone,nothing over the top.Simple yet practical.Get used to touchscreens.

7.Get to live in a BIG house pretty soon and open up all my stuff.

That’s it!