Upbringing..the Army way

“It is one thing to be born, and quite another to be born into the Army.”

Yes,I think Munch and Perk are very lucky to be born into this lifestyle.

They are brought up in a protected environment yet they grow up strong and fiercely independent.The Army does play a major part in giving our children the right perspectives eventually in life!Our Cantonments enable a cosmo upbringing within small and lesser known towns.The facilities of swimming pools,gymnasiums,basketball  and badminton courts,golf courses and firing ranges, which might be a luxury in civil life are readily and freely available to our kids.

Our children learn to cherish and forge their bonds of friendship quite early in life.They make friends easily wherever they go.What with far off postings,pressing worries during border unrests,waiting for the call from Papa or even the constant shifting,I think when they grow up they will be ready to handle all kinds of pressures.

here,I must add,that in the Army we give our children the best but we can never go overboard.We  have to watch out on budgets since we live by a fixed salary.For me this has been a blessing in disguise for I already see Munch understand the value of money. Munch has already changed five schools in 7 years.But I have noticed with each passing year she has become more  aware,more confident and adaptive.

Settling in a new house after every two years in places that are poles apart gives them an opportunity to learn different cultures.Army kids grow up like a banyan tree with their arms spread far and wide and their roots strongly bonded to Mother Earth.Isn’t this the way we want our kids to be,smart and modern yet very Indian?

And are they smart?My four year old knows that a silk saree and a lounge suit on the bed is a hint that it was going to be one happy evening with Mom and Dad away for a formal gathering.The disciplined Army life inculcates the basic mannerisms and correct body language in them.Its amazing to go on your evening walks and to see little toddlers on their cycles wish Good Evening everytime they meet you.Or watch the little prince and princesses eating with perfect table manners!

And not to forget the perks that they enjoy as military kids,the firing practices,the elaborate ceremonies,admission to visit places that may not be open to civilians and the list goes on.

The ethos and traditions of this wonderful organisation gets passed on from one generation to another  and I hope to see my little brats transform into responsible citizens of the country,

I am thankful to the Army for its immense contribution to the upbringing of my children and one day I am sure they will proudly  say,”We were born into the Army,so we are different”.

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